Money Maxims


This is pretty self explanatory. Stay safe, kids!




Be Frugal, and figure out a good way to save money for independence. Joshua Sheats has an AMAZING podcast all about being RADICAL with your personal finance. look him up on itunes, stitcher, or on his website radicalpersonalfinance.



I attended Bob Veres Insiders forum for financial advisors in the fall of 2015. Reviewing my notes from that conference this was one of the more profound things I heard with a certain speaker that talked about estate planning, getting wills together, and long term care insurance for the elderly.


Bobbi Rebell teaches us how to be a Financial Grownup in this book. Think of some of the most monetarily sucking things in your life. Some are good, some are bad. Remember to keep the friends, and to banish the #FinancialFrenemies


Latisha Styles hits it on the head when she tells us it’s our choice. You choose with your money. So, are you gonna end up in debt, or building your wealth? You choose.