5s is named by the Japanese that expline each of the five stages that made up for these methodology

5s is named by the Japanese that expline each of the five stages that made up for these methodology:
1s – Sort (Seiri) –
2s – Set in order (Seiton) –
3s – Shine (Seiso) –
4s – Standarize (Seiketsu)
5s – Sustain (Shitsuke) –

The first is S (Seiri) consist to recognize, partitioned and expel all the things that are pointless in our every day work, amid this to begin with stage we look at carefully all materials, devices and equipment surrounding the work and will define if it´s necessary or not.

The second S (Seiton) comprise to identify the necessary and put / find, the maximum of the second s is ” place everything and everything in its place”, we need to put the materials, devices and equipment showing by visual way that the space is found is only planning for such material, once we use the material needs to return to the area that we have already defined, so simply can see effectively its availability.

The third S (Seiso) consist to identify centers where it produce dirt and continue to eliminate or minimize them as much as conceivable, centers of dirts as broken bulbs, spills, spills, corners with buildup of earth, etc … Once recognized it we analyze the ways and the implies ought to expel it, for case the use spill plate permits us to gather all the products as paints, that spilled during dealing with, allowing not dirty the work and facilitate the collection and management of such waste

The fourth S (Seiketsu) consist to standardize and mark the area, stock levels and / or working ranges of already identified materials in order to be able identify easily any inconsistencies which will influence our job. The fifth and last S (Shitsuke) consist to do a series of planned audits in time which points to maintain the benefits made with the already 4s, building a propensity and teach on this strategy, as well as ceaseless improvement in our job.