6.16. Conflict of Interest and Financial & Commercial Dealing
6.16.1. Healthcare professionals shall declare any conflict of interest when recommended/required. Conflicts of interest may be financial, professional, personal, ethical, moral or religious.
6.16.2. Healthcare professionals shall act professionally and fairly in all financial and commercial dealings.
6.16.3. Shall be honest and open in financial arrangements with patients. Healthcare Professionals shall not exploit a patient’s vulnerability or lack of healthcare knowledge when making charges for treatments or services.
6.16.4. Healthcare care professionals should not involve patients in personal issues or solicit for personal gain. Also, not to encourage patients to give, lend or bequeath money or gifts that will benefit them directly or indirectly.
6.16.5. Healthcare Professionals shall not pursue patient or family members to make donations to other people or organizations.
6.16.6. Healthcare professionals shall act in the patient’s best interests when making referrals and when providing or arranging care.
6.16.7. Healthcare professionals shall not offer inducements to colleagues to use their services nor will they expect or accept a fee from a health professional/organization to which they refer patients.
6.16.8. Healthcare professionals shall not ask for or accept any inducement, gift or hospitality from companies that sell or market drugs/equipment or any services that may affect or be seen to affect, the way they prescribe or recommend for, treating or referring patients.
6.16.9. Healthcare professionals shall not ask for or accept fees for meeting sales representatives.
6.16.10. Shall be honest and open in financial and commercial matters relating to work, including dealings with patients, employer, insurers and other organizations or individuals.
6.16.11. Shall be honest if taking part in buying selling or using goods or services. Professionals shall declare any relevant financial or commercial interest that they or their family might have in the transaction. If Healthcare professionals endorse or sell any products, they shall declare their professional and financial interest in these products to the patient and not yield an unjustifiable profit.