Abigail Williams was a young girl who threw Salem into mayhem

Abigail Williams was a young girl who threw Salem into mayhem. Abigail caused problems for people throughout the entire play and failed to show any remorse. Throughout the play she spoke lies and accused others. She was responsible for the beginning of the accusations. Throughout the play Abigail remained a liar and sinner who caused problems for Salem.
Shortly after Abigail Williams is introduced, she demonstrates her actions along with her friends. “Abigail, holding Mercy back: ‘No, he’ll be coming up. Listen, now; if they be questioning us, tell them we danced- I told him as much already'” (Miller, 18). This shows that Abigail was a liar from the beginning. This is important because Abigail convinced all her friends to lie about what happened. “Abigail: ‘Give me a word, John. A soft word.’ Her concentrated desire destroys his smile” (Miller, 22). This shows that Abigail was trying to persuade John Proctor to sin. This is important because she eventually causes problems for him and his wife. Abigail Williams was an individual willing to lie and did not care at all about her lies. She was also a sinner who would try to persuade John Proctor to commit the sin he once made. Abigail had absolutely no consideration for the people around her and was willing to lie about anything to keep herself safe.
Abigail Williams was willing to hurt anyone in order to accomplish what she wanted and in order to achieve her desires. Throughout the play, Abigail causes problems for the John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth. Abigail had seduced John Proctor while Elizabeth was ill and therefore committed adultery. This action divided John and Elizabeth throughout the play. Both John and Elizabeth can’t forgive and forget the affair that occurred between John and Abigail. “Elizabeth, with a smile to keep her dignity: John, if it were not Abigail that you must go hurt, would you falter now? I think not'” (Miller, 54). This shows the problems Abigail Williams caused for John Proctor and Elizabeth. This is important because Abigail show no remorse and regret throughout the play of her actions. Instead, she pursues Proctor when they are alone. In addition, Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft. She does this in order to get rid of Abigail because she believes John Proctor will go to her. “Cheever: ‘Why, Abigail Williams charge her'” (Miller, 73), “Cheever: ‘Why- He draws out a long needle from the poppet- it is a needle! Herrick, Herrick, it is a needle'” (Miller, 74). These quotes show that Abigail Williams charges Elizabeth of a crime she did not commit. Although John and Elizabeth explained that the poppet belonged to Mary Warren, Cheever and Herrick both still believed that Elizabeth had to be arrested. This is important because Abigail saw Mary Warren make the poppet and insert the needle. Although she new Mary Warren made the poppet she took advantage of this and blamed Elizabeth for witchcraft.
Abigail Williams is eventually accused of lying by Mary Warren. Although Mary Warren and Abigail were friends Abigail does not think twice to call Mary Warren a liar. “Abigail with a slight note of indignation: ‘It is a lie sir'” (Miller, 103). This shows that when Mary Warren accused Abigail of lying and making things up Abigail still claimed to be truthful. This is important because it further proves Abigail’s desire to cover herself up and speak lies no matter who gets affected by them. “Proctor, breathless and in agony: It is a whore!’ … Abigail: Mr. Danforth, he is lying'” (Miller, 110). This shows that although she constantly attempted to seduce John Proctor when he accused her she immediately covered her lies by calling him a liar. This is important because although Proctor tainted his name publicly, Abigail was willing to lie to get away from all accusations. Abigail Williams lied constantly to keep herself safe. She would lie and this affected John Proctor and all the people who were eventually accused of witchcraft.
Abigail Williams was a girl who lied and sinned and affected the lives of many people. She made up lies at the beginning of the play to keep herself safe. She blamed Tituba who was accused of witchcraft. Eventually, Tituba’s accusation led to many more people being accused. Abigail’s actions led to the death of John Proctor who refused to confess that other people were associated to any evils. He knew he was not guilty but he was willing to die in order to not blame others of actions they did not commit.