Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who’s field of research focused on humanistic psychology and also looked at his development of the hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who’s field of research focused on humanistic psychology and also looked at his development of the hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy of needs derives from Maslow’s idea that “the fundamental desires of human beings are similar despite the multitude of conscious desires” (Zalenski & Raspa,2006).
Maslow defines the hierarchy of needs as being made up of five different needs which consists of physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualisation. These are theorized and assembled into a pyramid with the first level of needs being positioned at the bottom. The idea of the hierarchal pyramid of needs is that once the human mind has taken care of the first level of needs, it can then move on to the next level and this continues until self-actualisation is reached.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is still relevant in psychological research used today, it has been adapted for use in hospice care (Zalenski ; Raspa, 2006), and for use in urban planning, development and management (Scheller, 2016). It has even been used for studies in policing (de Guzman ; Kim, 2017).
The five levels of needs are displayed in the character or Batman also known as Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins which was played by actor Christian Bale. From the film we find out that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who has inherited his family’s fortune after his parents were killed while he was still a child.
After witnessing his parents dying at the hands of a gunman, Bruce decides to travel the world in order to learn what it means to take on injustice. He later trains under an assassin named Henri Ducard before returning back to his home in Gotham city to fight crime as his alter ego Batman.
Starting with the first level of the hierarchy of needs, Bruce Wayne has had his physiological needs met. In particular in terms of shelter, warmth, food and drink this was all handled for him as he inherited all of his family’s fortune which included the companies owned by his parents. This was given to him while he was still a child and later in the movie he puts his possessions under the watchful eye of his butler named Alfred and the reason for this was that the company were going to sell his assets for money. The people he has been around such as Alfred have benefited him allowing him to achieve the first level of his basic need which results in him being able to move up to the next level which is safety.
In terms of safety, this looks at protection from a variety of different things. For example safety needs can come under security or even stability. Going back to his inheritance, the company his parents built up has been passed down to him and because of this he has job security and a steady flow of money as long as the company is still in good standing. This provides him with stability financially as he can run the company as he wishes due to the fact that he is at the top of the company chain and although he had lost his family there are certain characters that are around him that can support him such as Alfred or his love interest Rachel.
The next aspect of the hierarchy of needs that is shown in Bruce Wayne is love. The topic of love can be difficult when talking about Bruce Wayne due to the traumatic event that happened while he was still a child. However he does show that he is able to love through friendship, acceptance and intimacy. He builds friendships with a small group of people such as Alfred and an employee at his company named Lucius Fox. Although at the end of the movie his love interest Rachel has more respect for him after discovering who Bruce really is knowing he is Batman, she tells Bruce she was in love with the man he was before. Even after hearing this he still loves her and he is accepted by the people around him.
The second to last level that is displayed in Bruce’s actions is the esteem level. The aspect in which Bruce has achieved a level of esteem is respect from others. He is shown to be respected to those around especially those employed under his company which can be a result of how much his company contributes to the community around him. The respect he has gained from those around him gives him high self-esteem.
The next and final level of the hierarchy is self-actualisation. Self-actualisation is split into realizing self-potential, seeking growth within yourself and self-fulfilment. By going through the first four levels, Bruce is able to reflect on his growth as an individual and seek to help others whether he is Bruce Wayne or batman. He is able to learn from his experiences and decides the best way to help his city and grow is to become a symbol of justice.