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My chosen article from the CSU Online Library is In Favor of Ethics in Business: The Linkage between Ethical Behaviour and Performance. There have been significant changes over the years regarding the development of organizations and economic growth across the globe. Nonetheless, many of the organizations have found themselves in circumstances whereby they have two goals that are contradictory but must be fulfilled. They have the task of ensuring the investors are satisfied through the organization’s increased earnings, while also ensuring they meet the stakeholder’s needs for ethical practices and conduct in their operations. Many organizations across the globe have realized the significance of addressing this issue of conflicting interests on progressive growth and ethical conduct in their earnings.

In this article, the authors’ main points include the realization that ethical conduct significantly contributes to the growth and progress of organizations, meaning, ethical conduct should not be ignored (Singh, ; Upadhyay, 2010). Additionally, there are more major factors which must be regarded to realize the significance of ethical conduct such as openness, fairness, consistency, leadership, providing justified rewards, and focusing on values (Singh, ; Upadhyay, 2010).
Upadhyay and Singh’s article addresses the need for organizations that want to ensure they are ‘ethically fit.’ This article is very elaborative on how an organization’s ethical conduct plays an immense role in meeting the investor’s needs as the organization’s major stakeholders (Singh, ; Upadhyay, 2010). Additionally, as part of the stakeholders, employers need to be treated fairly and provided with quality leadership so that they can successfully uphold an organization’s ethical conduct for growth (Singh, & Upadhyay, 2010). Furthermore, also in this article is the demonstration of the kinds of dilemmas faced by the business world on the issue of ethical practices in business. The article’s authors note that ethical conduct is crucial to an organization’s progression.
Utilized in the article are empirical findings to effectively demonstrate that ethical conduct should be adopted by businesses in their daily operations if they want to gain growth in their operations and remain competitive (Singh, & Upadhyay, 2010). Many organizations see spending on their ethical conduct as a cost that has no returns. As noted by Oppenheim and Cogman, “Even though many companies spend heavily to comply with their codes of ethical conduct, a majority view these expenditures as essential costs of conducting business and not investments that will provide a return” (Singh, & Upadhyay, 2010). However, the authors assert that businesses should not simply view ethical conduct as ways of benefiting the society, because eventually, ethical conduct contributes toward a businesses’ growth (Millage, 2012).
This article fits my ethical view because as suggested by the title In Favor of Ethics in Business: The Linkage between Ethical Behaviour and Performance, it demonstrates the need for organizations to realize that business ethics shape the conduct and practices of organizations for sustainable growth. Business leaders are faced with the great task of matching the profit-making objective and their ethical conduct objective which is noted in the article as contradictory when addressing the issue of ethical conduct in business.
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