Audience & Purpose: Cloud Computing App / Website
Due Date: Saturday, September 22nd at noon

Directions: Complete the audience and purpose document below. Include as much information as possible.

1. Who are your readers? Who are the primary readers?
Are there secondary readers – experts you can talk to? Who might be a tertiary reader? What is your relationship with each of them?

Our readers are a general (all the people). The primary readers are employee of company and the secondary people how interesting or use this application. However, tertiary reader is someone how don’t know about the application. We must to give for each of them the relationship.

2. How much are they likely to know about the subject of your instruction manual?
They don’t know anything about the application so they likely to know about it and take idea of how to install the app or use it. Also, it opens in everywhere such as laptops, phone and TV.

3. Why will they be reading? Do they have to read this document? What will happen if they do not read it?

They will read this because they want to know more about the application and know how to install and how to use it. However, they don’t have to read the document only if they want to know more about how to use it. If they don’t read this document maybe it will be complicated to use it and they will use it wrong.

4. What information do they need about your app / website? What are 5 key features of this app / website? What are some ways you can make this information quick and easy to read?

They need know all the information about the app such us how to use it and how to install. The features of this application are they can send picture, voice, text, call and make group video or call. It will be easy when read this information by put pictures and write simple sentences to understand everything and use colors.

5. How will they read the document? Slowly and carefully? Scanning quickly? Why?
The document will not be long so the reader doesn’t bored. They should read carefully and follow the steps so they don’t skip anything because all the steps are important.

6. What kind of reader do you have for this document? (General, Technical, Manager, or Expert). What are some writing strategies you can use for this document to help this kind of reader?

It will be general reader because they need help to understand everything about the app such as how to use it. The strategies I will use it for this document it will be in easy way that they can understand everything because I will use short sentence and simple words. Also, it will have some picture and it will be colorful so the reader does not bore when they read it.