Behaviors, Signs, and Symptoms

? Improper hygiene.
? loss of weight.
? The difficulty of sleeping.
? Urine smell.
? Unclean hair.
? Uncut nails.
? Dehydration.
? Skin breakdown.
? Infestations problems.
? Depressed.

2-Domestic abuse

Domestic It usually takes place in the family home, abusers can act very differently when other people are around, therefore, it is It’s often difficult to tell if domestic abuse is happening.

Behaviors, Signs, and Symptoms

? Become aggressive.
? Display anti-social behavior.
? Suffer from depression or anxiety.
? Clingy.
? Suddenly behaves differently.
? Obsessive behavior.
? Nightmares.
? Eating disorders.
? Anxious.
? Misses school.
? Drugs.
? Self-harm thoughts about suicide.

3-Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse takes place when a child forced to take part in sexual activities. A child does not have the ability to realize or understand this, in reality, is a form of abuse and worse of all that they even talk or reveal that. This could even happen online.

Behaviors, Signs, and Symptoms

? At a young age are sexually active.
? Pregnancy.
? Use sexually explicit language.
? Difficulty concentrating.
? Avoid a particular person.
? Wetting the bed.
? Inappropriate sexual behaviors.
? Genital or anal soreness.
? Difficulties sleeping.
? Clingy.
? Withdrawn.