Both major cities Washington DC and Melbourne care about the sources of water pollution problems

Both major cities Washington DC and Melbourne care about the sources of water pollution problems. Comparing and contrasting the water pollution between two cities based on their quality, consumption of water and the solution to reduce water pollution show how different and similar the two are.
Like Melbourne, Washington DC has a good quality of drinking water, which are tested regularly to ensure that water exceeds Safe Drinking Water Act standards. In Washington DC, the water is provided from the Potomac river and is processed at the Washington Aqueduct. Washington DC water conduct thousands of water quality tests each year to ensure that quality of water gets safe drinking water act standards. Just like Washington DC, Melbourne water checks regularly to ensure it meets correct water requirements including checking taste, colour and smell. Every year Melbourne water tests about 50,000 samples from over 160 sites such as storage reservoirs, services, transfer mains points of supply to water customers (Melbourne water, 2017). According to Numbeo (October 2018), Melbourne water quality has significantly higher than Washington DC. Melbourne’s water quality is just 68.64 (high) whereas Washington DC’s is 51.43 (moderate).
Both Washington DC, and Melbourne spend a big total of water consumption, which is demonstrated by the water consumption daily of a person or household. In Australia, the average water consumption is 340 litres per person per day. In addition, an average of 150 litres of water is used per person per day in the community, including watering of public parks, gardens and system leakage. While a person in Washington uses 101 gallons of water per day, it is equivalent 385 litres. Furthermore, a household provides estimate 524 litres per day through for outdoor uses. Both cities use an approximately similar amount of water consumption.
Both cities focus on solution to reduce of water pollution, however they have a number of differences between two cities. While Washington DC is more concerned with preserving sources of freshwater than solving too much about saltwater, Melbourne is more concentred with protecting their ocean and marine life and the water that sustains it. In Washington DC, there are many actions taken regularly to help cut back on the amount of water pollution around the city every year. In Melbourne, there are many mesures being taken to reduce the amount of water pollution present in ocean water. Even though Melbourne is very highly focused on the overall safety and welleing of its oceans, but Melbourne has a significantly lower water pollution of about 30.54 than Washington DC has 48.57 (Numbeo,2018) .
Even though Washington DC and Melbourne provide the quality water that meets all requirements of drinking water standards, they have some similarities along with their differences. They have similarly to spend a total of water consumption, but they have the different results of water quality and solution to reduce of water pollution.