Cats or Dogs Nowadays many people have all sorts of pets

Cats or Dogs
Nowadays many people have all sorts of pets; the most common of them are, cats and dogs. In my opinion, I prefer cats over dogs because they are much less maintenance. Cats do not need constant walks daily and do their own business in a litterbox, unlike dogs. They are also much quieter and won’t need to be told twice if they are being a little louder than usual. Also, they don’t need as much space as dog need which is perfect for people who have small living spaces.
First, cats are so much more independent and are much less maintenance then dogs. They clean themselves! Owners save much more money on their water bills, unlike dogs, which need a bath every other week because they roll around in mud constantly which leads them to become quite smelly. Cats are perfect for lazy people, as cats are lazy themselves. Dogs need to go on walks constantly, up to 2 walks daily, just to keep the dog healthy. On the other hand, cats can sleep for hours on a day and still be fit and healthy, and the only constant thing you need to give to cats is love and affection. Cats are much quieter than dogs, and that’s not even debatable.
To add on, even dog lovers can agree that: barking at a pedestrian walking by, or another animal, or even just wanting to eat, constant barking can get very annoying.