China has major control in the world economy as the second biggest economy

China has major control in the world economy as the second biggest economy. It is the world most populous country with a population around 1.4 billion. China economy is used Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is often used to measure a country’s economy. China also become the biggest consumer of energy and natural resources. The primary sector for china is agriculture. Domestic Market has been produce by the agricultural. By that agriculture need to employs more workforce. Most products are simply bought by local consumers, and the majority from mainland China go to Hong Kong. Also, mining is one of the primary sector in China. China is rich in natural resources such coal and oil. Though mining employs less than one percent of the national workforce, it is vital for China’s economy. China has the biggest consumption of electricity and it relies to a large extent on fossil fuels. In addition, natural resources include metals. Iron ore is main for China’s heavy industry and many rare metals are used or export as raw materials for high-technology sector. The secondary sector for china is manufacturing. China’s is the most productive manufacturer around the world. About 30 percent of the working population is employed in manufacturing. The heavy industry produces focus for the Chinese market, does the growing automotive sector, the light industry has always been more expert oriented. Meanwhile the tertiary sector for china is the service industry. By now, the service sector employs the massive part of China’s workforce and the largest of the gdp. The People’s Bank of China is taking steps to allow the yuan to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. As a first step toward international currency trading, the yuan is now traded in London and Singapore. That will open China to more foreign direct investment. By 2025, China is expected to outperform the United States.