Dear Sir/Madam

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am extremely thrilled and honoured about finally applying for the summer Investment Banking internship with JPMorgan. My interest in Corporate Finance, my passion for working in advisory roles, and my well-rounded skill set make me a well-qualified candidate for an internship at JPMorgan. My participation in this programme, will not only allow me to gain a stronger understanding of your firm’s culture and work ethics but will help solidify my long-term career path here.
Captivated with interest, I began dreaming of working at JPMorgan when I discovered that it is viewed as the top global bank with total assets amounting to US$2.6 trillion, and how its market capitalization increased from US$165billion in 2010 to US$366.3billion in 2017. JPMorgan recently announced the creation of AdvancingCities, a new $500 million, five-year initiative to drive inclusive growth and create greater economic opportunity in cities across the world. These initiatives are specifically focused on equipping workers with 21st century job skills, investing in locally-driven solutions to revitalize distressed neighbourhoods and helping families build strong financial futures. This reinforced my interest in working at JPMorgan, as I deeply stand for the investment in deprived areas and giving everyone a chance. The culture. JPMorgan believes that working as a team in a family-oriented environment is crucial to achieving success. This resonates with me hugely as I’ve been part of many teams such as working at the café, being an Ambassador and playing for my football team.
Working at Morgan Stanley for four weeks as an intern, allowed me to understand how a firm that successful operates. For example, I Participated actively in the execution of financing, Merger&Aquisition transactions and created statistical exhibits that analysed comparative financial performance. I was able to work with experienced seniors on deals with clients from around the world. This allowed me to improve my communication skills as I had to persuade and explain to the client, why closing this deal would be worthwhile. As a Barista at the Tiltyard Café, in many situations, I had to improvise under pressured conditions by filling in for different roles due to a shortage of staff; this was very challenging as I wasn’t offered any training. Being a supervisor at Monza Trading, gave me team leadership skills as I had to delegate a team of workers and make sure everything was done correctly. I found this to be extremely useful as Investment Banking firms value the quality of being a leader very highly.
My aspiration to become an Investment Banker, began in my final year of A-Levels when I participated in a stock market competition. I was blown away by market dynamics and understanding how to develop a technical analysis approach to valuing a stock. This propelled me to read the Wall Street Journal every day to investigate companies and discover how they operate. I believe Investment Banking will help me develop my investment acumen and a strong foundation in finance; whilst allowing me to work with smart, talented and highly ambitious people who will help me perform to my fullest potential.
The desire, motivation and attitude I possess will allow me to succeed and make the best of the opportunities you will offer me. This is a dream I firmly intend to pursue and securing an offer would mean the world.

Yours Faithfully,

Diogo De Jesus