Dear SirMadam

Dear SirMadam,
Being born into a family that has always encouraged utilizing to the fullest extent our inherent gifts, I have excelled in every academic venture I have undertaken. I have adopted my parents’ standards of how to conduct yourself in life, to be disciplined, persistent in your pursuits and above all to work hard at everything you do. I have an inquisitive nature, and enjoy challenges and mysteries. I resolved to take on the intellectual challenges Information Technology offered and dedicate my life to the pursuit of Information Technology. Now, more than at any other time, there is an industry-wide need for qualified leadership and research.

While many speak of the ideals of developing culturally-competent students, I have achieved a level few could ever imagine attaining outside of the classroom, developing a world view that has been created by a singularly extraordinary and fortunate life. By my living, working, effectively interacting with people of many lands, utilizing a cross-cultural acumen coupled with the ability to speak two languages at a professionally proficient level, I have a thorough understanding of what it means to appreciate and respect cultural differences. I feel that this will aid me tremendously as I work with diverse students as well as other information technology professionals
For the past 8 years my academic and professional careers have maintained a conceptual continuity, focusing on the Next Generation Information Technology. The knowledge I will obtain from my Masters at SOUTHERN ARKANSAS UNIVERSITY with a concentration in Computer Science will enable me to plan, coordinate, and direct research and facilitate the computer-related activities of organizations. I will be better equipped to approach and facilitate the technical and business goals in consultation with senior management and clearly illustrate my goals through intensive planning. I have worked within multidisciplinary teams and anticipate utilizing these experiences to further develop overall concepts and requirements of researching and developing new product lines and expanding services. Combined with these abilities, I will be also able to quickly identify how an organization’s computing capabilities can effectively aid project management.

How and when companies and organizations use technology are critical factors in remaining competitive. An MS in Computer And Information science at Southern Arkansas University will allow me to play a vital role in the technological direction of these organizations. My role would vary from academic system design, developing and implementing advanced managerial techniques in the direction of computer-based information systems for both software applications and hardware computers. Additionally, I will be better able to recognize the computer and information needs of organizations from an operational and strategic perspective and determine immediate and long-range personnel and equipment requirements.

Through my academic and professional experiences,
91% out of 100% in intermediate collage admitted me into Electronics & Communication Engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University Anantapur, One of the top Universities in INIDA. During my undergraduate studies,
I was exposed to subjects like Microprocessors, C and C++ Programming, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing and Distributed Computing. I was particularly interested in topics such as GPS, Wireless LANS, Bluetooth, the protocols like TCP/IP that make the concept of the Internet possible, and the security issues accompanying them. But I also realized that though the curriculum was exhaustive enough to give anyone an in-depth theoretical background of every subject, as an Engineer is it enough? I needed to have something extra in my repertoire. In pursuit, I started involving myself in many projects like “Implementation of Data encryption standard on ARM (ARM7TDMI) Processor based Microcontroller (LPC2148)” and “Timer based Industrial Liquid Pump Controller with user defined time slots”
After my undergraduate with 70%, my interest and enthusiasm made to join the computer certified programs on Data Warehouse and .Net technologies.

I still never forget the day when I was selected for Cognizant technology Services (one of the top Software Services Company in the world) as Programming Analyst by commentating 1500 compotator’s. I was trained on Mainframe technologies and my performance during the training program made me work for one of the prestige’s Client JPMorgan Chase Bank.

While at JPMorgan provided by expansive career opportunities in Mainframe technologies and grate chance of working with people of many lands and that experience gave me opportunity to get a JOB in YONGNAM ENGINEERING SINGAPORE Where I’m working on Infrastructure Engineer which gave me to learn next Generation Technologies Cloud Computing (IAAS, PAAS). I feel like I still lack an adequate foundation in systemic knowledge of IT and your program can prepare me to excel further in terms of my professional achievements.

With all these achievements I have found that, in order to further myself and increase
myself as an asset to the industry, I need to pursue course work that examines the fundamental principles Information Technology
It is my belief that knowledge gained has to be shared. I believe that imparting knowledge is an enjoyable and satisfying experience. I have enjoyed giving ideas, lectures and making presentations on technical/non-technical topics at college and at the workplace. Hence, I am eager to obtain An assistantship.

Consequently, I understand that the choice of the University is of paramount importance. After perusing your brochures and consulting my professors, I reached the conclusion that the with its reputed faculty, excellent facilities and tradition of academic excellence will be the ideal place to work towards the fulfillment of my goal. Moreover, I am confident that the wholesome education that I will receive at the will stand me in good stead throughout my career.

I’m truly competitive and will do my utmost to become an exemplary IT professional, striving constantly for top class IT Professional excellence. In the longer run, I hope to be a shining example of Georgia State University graduates. I thank you for your time, consideration.

I have enclosed my supporting document along with this letter.

Sincerely, Anitha Gonugunta.