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Defining moments in Canadian history
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Canada all throughout there have been series of events, actions and decisions that have shaped her, they are referred to as defining g moments in Canadian history. Canada have gone through many battles, hard times forced to make hard decisions and many changes have taken place which has resulted in change of life of her citizens. Many events have taken place starting from the battle of Vimy Ridge to the world war one in the 20th century, invasion of D-day and immigration were the one of the most important defining moments in Canadian history. The battle of Vimy ridge which took place on Easter Monday 1917 has now become a milestone. It has become one of the notable moments because it brought world recognition and is also a strong sense of patriotism. French tried three times to win the vimy ridge but in vain their efforts bore no fruits. Canada used a different and new approach and was able to win. Canada was able to gain more land than any other British offensive in the war. All the wars that was fought in the ridge only Canada were to be winner, hence they captured more prisoners.
The battle of vimy ridge was the turning point in Canadian history as it was after the fight that people were able to appreciate and have country of their own. Before the battle Canada was controlled by British, after the war in the ridge Canada was able to gain her independence and this had positive change in the way people thought of Canada.