“Develop professional competence to employ my team in areas that match their capabilities

“Develop professional competence to employ my team in areas that match their capabilities.”
I was influenced by many of the leaders that I have encountered in my life. Every person has strength and weaknesses that make them who they are. It is a leader’s job to define their strengths and help build on them. My teachers and former bosses have all contributed to this. They have shown me how to build on my strengths with practice, training, and hard work. This has allowed me to develop into a better employee and leader. Organizations are made up of a very diverse group of individuals. By employing them in the areas they are good at, a leader can form a team to get the job done effectively. This also allows others to learn how to build on their weaknesses. They can learn from others by seeing and doing. As a leader, I need to know how to bring out a person’s strengths and see how it can benefit the team and organization.
Leadership is all about how you communicate and influence others. If you googled the definition of leadership, it would return 269,000,000 results. The perspective of leadership is different to everyone. What makes me a good leader may not be what makes others a good leader. A leader should build its followers up. They encourage their followers to work under their vision and be inspired.
There are three things as a leader I have found to like. I love that I can be passionate about the mission and share this with followers. People need to know they are valued and important. They want to feel like they are a part of something bigger. As a leader you get to capitalize on this drive and help them see their potential. As a leader I love that I can share my experience with others. Everyone must start somewhere and work their way up. Once you make it to a successful point in your career, people look to you for advice. The experience a leader has can be optimal to help others advance. As a leader, you can use your experience to help others find mentors and network. This allows them to make new connections for future career opportunities. Leaders who are open can continue to grow. Businesses and technology are ever changing. As a leader you must be ready to keep learning and growing to keep up. Leaders should still seek training and be open to new information.
There are also three things as a leader I dislike. As a person there is always going to be failure along the way. Unfortunate, as a leader you are being watched by others very closely. They will see this failure and analyze it. You must be prepared for constructive criticism and know that you will just have to try again. The failures may or may not define you, but you must get back up. Your followers depend on seeing this resilience to continue. As a leader you work hard to train your followers. You want to share your wealth of knowledge with others and make your team the best. Inevitably they will become better and may seek new opportunities. As a leader you must deal with the transition of employees. As a leader you must see that they are seeking new opportunities that you helped shape them for. You must take pride in knowing you helped them succeed. Lastly, as a leader you are tasked with the responsibility to make decisions. Most day to day decisions will be easy and routine. However, there will be the decisions you have to make that are difficult. Things like hiring and firing employee, reprimanding employees who violated a policy, or having difficult conversations about product. All these things can be physically and emotionally draining. As a leader you must hold your head high and know that all this responsibility can come at a great cost but is for the better of the organization and the followers. These likes and dislikes are important to me because they make you human. As a leader you are to be transparent and do what is best for your organization. You must be able to be serious when needed, but also connect with the followers who look up to you.
I would describe my strengths as being trustworthy, reliable, and having the ability to multitask very well. I was able to work my way up to a manager position in several of my jobs which included counting the money within the register at the change and end of shifts. I eventually worked my way up to my current position which includes seeing and hearing things that are confidential that must remain secret. I established my reliability early on by hardly ever being late or missing work. I think my strong work ethic and reliability assisted me greatly in advancing in form jobs and getting my current job. I multitask quite often at my current position. My job consists of having to answer my phone, reply to emails, and several other tasks. My job is especially taxing during the college school year when requests for my departments assistance are unusually high.
My weaknesses would include being obsessive, short focused, and not emotionally objective. I always strive to have things perfect or close to it. While this is kind of obsessive, it also helps me ensure that my work is consistent. I constantly check my work for consistency which sometimes results in not barely meeting the deadline. I am short focused, so I am always focusing on the next task and even while finishing one, I am thinking about others that have yet to be completed. I constantly bounce back and forth between the tasks I have been assigned which causes a sense of overwhelm sometimes. I am not emotionally objective which sometimes causes problems when people that I work closely with and have good relationships with get in trouble. I tend to not want to have the confrontation or I want to give them another chance. I plan on increasing my strengths by continuing to learn from those who are in positions above me that inspire me. I also plan to continue my education and attempt to get my master’s degree, which I believe will assist me in sharpening my strengths. I plan on working on my weaknesses by trying to keep my self from doing it little by little until it subsides. I also plan on leaning on my faith and praying for assistance in both strengthening myself and decreasing my weaknesses.
I plan on using my leadership skills after graduation to be a firm, good example in my workplace, which will hopefully assist me in moving up into a higher position. I would like to possess the skills of better communication and better listening. A great leader must be able to listen and if you are a good listener this will assist you in better addressing issues before they grow into larger issues. Most employees just want someone to listen to them and hear their concerns and know that they are heard. This is especially important during times of institutionalizing change.
I want to possess the principles of knowing myself and seeking self-improvement. I want to make sound and timely decisions and ensure that assigned tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished. I found this list of principles from the United States Marine Corp. If I can improve myself and learn my workers, it will only make me a better manager for them. I must be in touch with who I am as a worker to ensure that I am able to lead effectively. I would like to be able to make timely and sound decisions to build my employees confidence in me. It does not matter what you do or what benefits a change may offer if employees don’t have confidence in their leader it will not be successful. Communicating the assigned tasks to employees is key in ensuring that those things are completed appropriately and in a timely matter. Key details of the task at hand must be communicated to make sure its successful.
I plan to be a diverse leader and adapt my skills to supervise each employee the best way necessary for them. Each employee must be supervised in a different way and no one employee responds to the same type of leadership. You must adapt your skills to the level that will most effectively communicate your goals to your employees. A good supervisor is more than a leader, they set an example for all to follow. You can’t be the do as I say, not as I do leader. That will demolish your credibility, which is essential in maintaining your effectiveness. I expect my team members to be comfortable enough to ask me anything and I hope to be a role model that they all can admire. I expect them to work hard and know that they are supported by me in whatever they do. I expect my workers to respect the authority my position holds, but also know that I respect and appreciate them. Credibility, adaptiveness, open communication, and humbleness will be key in helping me be the type of leader that will ensure I get what I expect from my workers. I want to clearly and concisely explain all my objectives to them to help make sure there is no misunderstandings. Encompassing all this will allow me to know my job and my followers. I can lead my team effectively and help them flourish in the areas they are capable while creating a successful business.