Doughnuts, even the ones with no toppings or fillings are one of the fattening breakfast items a person can eat. Sadly that does not stop people from devouring these sugar filled treats for breakfast. In today’s modern era bagels are considered to be the more traditional breakfast item than doughnuts. Even though bagels do not have any sugary glaze or fillings, they can be shockingly unhealthier than a typical doughnut a person buys at Krispy kreme doughnut shop. Basically,bagels and doughnuts can both be unhealthy because of their nutritional makeup.
Donuts are at type of fried dough that are shaped into a ring. Donuts are a popular treat around the world that are typically eaten in the morning with milk or coffee. Donuts can have many toppings onto them such as sprinkles, chocolate, glaze, powdered sugar,cinnamon, vanilla frosting, and just plain sugar. Donuts can also be injected with strawberry jelly, boston creme, custard, and lemon creme. The outside of a donut has a soft and delicate texture to it, also the inside of the donut is soft and hot when freshly made.
Donuts are obviously not the ideal food item to eat for breakfast because they are high in calories and high in carbohydrate. When someone goes to a local donut store the individual should be careful how many donuts the individual can consume. The more donuts an individual consumes the more exercise is required to burn off the extra calories and carbohydrates. For a lot of people going to the gym and working out is not possible due to the stresses of life. A regular chocolate frosted donut “has 200 calories