Esperanza De La Torre Mr

Esperanza De La Torre
Mr. Greenburg
24 March 2018
Dulce Fresa TENSES
After a decade or so watching The Food Network and preparing meals for the family my grandma never disappoints when she cooks. Since I was a child my grandma began to make a dessert that she calls Dulce Fresa, which means Strawberry Candy in Spanish. The contents of this easy to make dish is two cans of condensed milk, fresh strawberries, a spoon and your mouth.
left34099500The process takes around twenty minutes to complete. After picking the ripest and juiciest strawberries my grandma can find she prepares for the dessert. My grandma washes the plump fruit in cold water to preserve the flavor. She then removes the calyx- which is the top part of the strawberry that only the mad men eat. Wrapping up, she puts two handfuls of strawberries and the sugary condensed milk in the blender. The colorless condensed milk and the selected sweet and sour strawberries blended seamlessly together- a stellar duo.
After they blended uniformly she pours the pastel, pink, semi-liquid into bowls. As the Dulce Fresa is being poured out it seems as if I have seen Heaven. As the smooth consistency is slowly poured into bowls that seem they were made for babies. My mouth was watering while my eyes were focused like a predator on their prey. I rushed towards the first bowl that was poured and I delicately stirred my spoon in the petite bowl and examined the wonderful consistency. It was thicker than milk but thinner than pudding with
the sweet fresh smell of strawberries.
4381500000As I look down to devour this sweet goodness the aroma of the strawberries swiftly traveled through my nostrils and filled my head with bliss. The texture is velvety so I savored every spoonful. The consistency of the Dulce Fresa was fresh and satisfying to my taste buds. The dessert gave my taste buds a cooling sensation and I never knew that a large amount of fresh sweetness could be held in a compact bowl.
All good things come to an end- I finished my dessert so I rush back for seconds and I realize that too much of one thing can be a bad thing. The last four bowls of scrumptious Dulce Fresa are put in the refrigerator to be cooled and saved for the next day. After the once delicious bowl of goodness is put into the refrigerator I usually never touch it. The reason is because the coldness of the refrigerator creates a different dessert. The Dulce Fresa becomes dull, dried out and mushy. It becomes unappetizing to me – it lost the color and divine smell it once had. The top layer created craters and becomes weak. The color was replaced with a deep pink that five year old children messily paint their nails to match their mother’s nails. The texture on top of the bowl appeared as if it were a dark pink sponge. In the time span of a twenty-four hours the Dulce Fresa made my mouth water in the beginning, but towards the end it made my eyes water.
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