Explain how team members are managed when performance does not meet requirements St Mary’s Convent

Explain how team members are managed when performance does not meet requirements
St Mary’s Convent ; Nursing Home expect all employees to achieve a satisfactory level of performance and to carry out their duties to the standard required. It is important, therefore, that you understand your obligations and rights regarding this aspect of your employment.
When dealing with performance issues, managers need to make a clear distinction between a situation that may not be of the employee’s own making – such as lack of training or a genuine lack of ability to undertake a job – and circumstances that may require disciplinary action. Where the problem is one of genuine incapability (poor performance), the procedures set out in this document should be followed. The following situations are examples of issues that would normally be dealt with using this policy:
failure to meet personal objectives and expectations/requirements of the post; low productivity or a lower output of work that is expected; failure to meet the required standards of work or performance; failure to achieve specified qualifications that are required to undertake the duties of the post; inadequate skills or knowledge/level of skills; or inability to apply skills and knowledge in the workplace.
Clarity of team objectives
How work is allocated
Team dynamics – cohesion, working relationships, conflict handling
Ability and willingness of team to self –manage
Quality of leadership
Systems and resources available.
The team leader’s understanding of these factors forms a vital part of managing to assure quality. The team leader must be able to identify the competencies and skills required for the job and identify the strengths, competencies and expertise of team members in terms of those requirements. He or she should also be aware of team members’ experience, interest and motivation. Such judgments should be objective, fair and based on specific evidence. They may be incorporated into a team skills matrix or the individual’s appraisal. To improve performance, the team leader should review the effectiveness of team communications. Opinions of team members and line manager could be useful in doing this. Teamwork is essential in the provision of healthcare. The division of labour among medical, nursing and allied health practitioners means that no single professional can deliver a complete episode of healthcare.
The review should be structured around the criteria for good team communications including:
Team members receive all organizational information in line with organizational policy
Individual and team objectives, responsibilities and work plans are communicated clearly to the team and at the correct time
Communication principles are followed in the presentation of information and appropriate communication techniques are used.
Feedback on work progress is sought and given following good practice guidelines
Communication is used to support team members by answering queries, addressing issues of team dynamics and providing coaching and mentoring support as required
There is a particular carer who needs prompting most of the time or else, work done will result in underperformance. Through critical observance, I have realised her problem is not being capable, but only needs to be prompted in a nice way and also take the initiative to just do what she has been assign to and the work will be done as required. Dealing with such staff is very difficult but depending on the approach used will make it work out. When correcting her with work not done to my satisfaction, I approach her on one to one basis by beginning with the positive ones she has done and end up with the ones not done properly by taking the initiative and she will complete it perfectly done. Even though at the beginning it was time-consuming and needs much patience to tolerate her, but with time she has become used to it and only needs prompting once in a while. This has been working out for me due to the respect I give her, the cordial relationship between us and valuing her personality. Under rating and telling staff what to do all the time can be annoying but if you lead by example, it is difficult on their part to turn you down. I am also cautious of dealing with her for her not to be biased by thinking am always picking on her.