For this essay I am supposed to choose a product that is unhealthy

For this essay I am supposed to choose a product that is unhealthy. There are so many products that can be looked at as being unhealthy according to society. It could be food, medication, tobacco products, alcohol, artificial nail, and so forth. I decided to choose tobacco as my unhealthy product. I personally don’t smoke. With me working in the medical field for the last seventeen years I have seen so many patients as well as my own family members die or get chronically ill from illness related to them smoking. People can get illness related to smoking from second hand smoke.I decided to choose a company that is an international tobacco company, because tobacco does not only affect people that are within the United States but it also effects people internationally because they smoke as well. Phillip Morris International is known to being one of the leading international tobacco companies. They have at the minimum of eighty one thousand employees that are all around the world. This company is against the cigarettes being illegally traded. Anywhere where their products are sourced they support them proudly.
Phillip Morris International has the top six brads of tobacco products which includes a very well known one called Marlboro. In the thirty two different countries they have forty six production plants. They do not want their consumers to stop smoking, but they want them to have a healthier way of smoking, so they decided to us there to plants that are located in Switzerland and Singapore which are their research and development plants. They want to develop or create a cigarette that is smoke-free. In their eyes smoke-free cigarettes are healthier.
You may have heard of them they are becoming very popular they are referred to as e-cigarettes. Just like everything else in life there are going to be some reasons that people will say that they are not healthy for you. The e-cigarettes is smokeless because they use a vapor oil. From the people I know that smoke them verses the cigarettes they like the e-cigarettes better because of the different flavors and they can smoke it around their families. The one thing I have heard people say is they the e-cigarettes are more expensive than the regular tobacco cigarettes are.

The United States is slowly decreasing the sales of tobacco products with that being said that is why the CEO of Phillip Morris International continues to be excited about the expansion the keeping growing for the company overseas. Since the sell here in the United States are declining he has to find new places to sell cigarettes. Here in the United States there is a picture that has been painted that smoking causes your lungs to be black and causes a down slide in their health. “In the United States things that are causing the tobacco sells decline rapidly is banning smoking from businesses and increasing the sales taxes on cigarettes” (Byrnes ; Balfour, 2009). The CEO is not trying to encouraging new smokers to come forth, but with Marlboro being one of the most popular international tobacco products he wants to encourage his buyers to buy a higher brand tobacco products.

“One of the main reasons why they decided to go to Indonesia is because in that country they do not have any types of restrictions on minors being able to buy tobacco products” (Byrnes ; Balfour, 2009). Which helps to the sells off tobacco from declining. In the United States minors cannot buy tobacco products until they are of the age of eighteen. “In Jakarta is accepted to the point that they advertise using a man and a horse with an advertisement of Marlboro Mix 9” (Byrnes ; Balfour, 2009). Which is a cigarette with tobacco and cloves that is rolled by a machine.

In my opinion the company handle ethical situations in an appropriate manner. They express that they don’t encourage people that don’t smoke to smoke. That is they reason why they developed e-cigarettes. I think that the Leaders of this organization can continue to market the way that they do now. Making sure that they people that are smoking understand that there are health risk and that it can be life threatening. I also think that even though the feel that the e-cigarettes are healthier they should make sure that the consumers are aware of the danger of them as well.

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