Have you ever wished that you could just leave everything and live the luxurious life

Have you ever wished that you could just leave everything and live the luxurious life? This is the story of my soon to be life; the future life which came to an abrupt halt by a rather unfavourable crash. The life that was thrown to ash in the blink of an eye. It was 10 April 1912, 2.30pm and I just managed to ease my way onto the harbour, through a stampede of people. I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through my body as I boarded the exquisite ship. Hundreds were waving goodbye to their loved ones and cheering from the glossy white railings of the first, second, and third deck; it was funny how no one on board would be able to fathom what this prestigious trip had in store for us. Three days had past and everything seemed fine the trip so far was everything you could imagine and more it truly was the greatest ship ever built.

Then it happened; my mind was telling me that a n leviathan was pulling the ship to the uncanny depths of the ocean; however, through terrified eyes I knew reality was beyond that far-fetched notion. The crash swept people off their very feet. Now people were becoming extremely frantic. Crewmen were shouting orders, but all I could here was the faint sound of my heartbeat. What followed was beyond the description of words; only through the reality if the experience could one grasp the true terror of the situation. The ship had let out a tremendous bellow, like a mythical dragon and was gradually sinking into the black abyss of the deep ocean. In the short minutes of panic before the ship fully submerged itself every one of the life rafts had already been ejected I thought to myself there was no way of survival now. I saw the piercing polar water slowly creeping up on the ship and then everything went black

Slowly, my eyes began to see light. ‘Heaven’, I was thinking to myself. But, I heard voices; that when I was conscious of the mundane reality of everyday life: I had survived. I was in a hospital and the miraculous story of my survival was told to me by a nurse: a small ship had been sailing the same waters as that of the Titanic, when suddenly a tremendous crash was heard; the sailor of that small ship immediately changed course to the source of the sound. By the time the ship had reached the Titanic, the remnants of a crash were manifest. There were a few survivors; luckily, the ship pulled an unconscious me onboard. I was awestruck at what the nurse had told me.