Head spinning

Head spinning, not knowing where I’m at or what I’m doing. Left only to think to myself “was I okay?’. Too scared to look, in front of all these people in the middle of the gym, I had no feelings in my lower body. I never would’ve thought that my ankle would’ve gotten taken like that in front of my friends, family, and peers in Harker Heights, Texas, in 2017.
Basketball as always been of my family, whether it my mom, dad, cousins, uncles, even grandmas! I got introduced to basketball by my father when I was about four years old. When I turned six my father took me to my first NBA game, and I’ll never forget it, people screaming, babies crying, drunk people arguing, shoes squeaking, fouls being called, people getting dunked on. It was the best thing I had ever laid eyes on! It was Basketball. Right at that second I said to my father “this!” I said loudly, “I want to be just like them!” He chuckled, saying “you want to be a James Harden?” “Better!” I said with excitement. Looking at me with a very serious looking face he said “were going to have to work very hard because my son is going to be the best player that has ever played in the NBA!! Joy immediately filling my head after hearing that, I could hardly stand still after the news I just got from him, my purpose in life was to put that ball in that hole.
Being rushed to the hospital all I could smell was blood. Screaming still hasn’t figured out what happen. Arriving to the ER one of the men in the ambulance said “Dang man, he crossed you that bad?” Oddly looking thinking this couldn’t be true, I’ve never been crossed! No one will ever cross me. I looked down at my feet gasping, “What happen to my ankles!?” “I told you so” Said the man in the ambulance. “Impossible”, I thought to myself. This was the end of my career, I could never go back to that school again, they will make fun of me and I would be the laugh of the basketball team forever. Uncontrollably crying out to my mom wonder what was going to happen after this horrifying incident. “Wheel chair basketball” my little brother said laughing. “It’s not funny” I said, “Stop teasing your brother Jeremiah go find your dad” my mother said with an attitude.
Lying there unconscious I heard the doctor come into the room, pulling my mother to the side assuming I couldn’t hear them he said, “You know he’s never going to be able to play basketball or even walk again right?” “Oh my god” my mother said sadly. “I’ll leave you two alone to let things soak in… I’m here if you need me” said Dr.Smith “Thank you for all your help Dr. I really appreciate it”. My mother replied. She didn’t have the heart to tell me so she made my dad.
Pretending to wake up, yawning, “Ahhhhhhh Hey guys”. They both looked at me with very peculiar faces. “What’s Wrong?” I said. My father walked up to me slowly, my mother exited the room crying. “Life isn’t fair son, God with throw obstacles at you that you might think you can’t get through, but you must conquer! Never let something hold you back son.” “Where are you going with this dad?” I confusingly responded. “The doctor…” He paused. “What about the doctor!” I said. “You’re never going to be able to walk again son.” In shock, tears instantly falling off of my face, trying to figure out why god did this to me, I didn’t deserve this. “I’ve worked way too hard to be stopped like this” I said. “This isn’t fair!” sobbing. Hugging me tightly to where I could spell the spray on him. “It’s going to be okay son were going to figure out a way.” “Wait” I said. “Wheel Chair Basketball…He was right.” “That’s how I’m going to conquer this.” “I’m going to be the best ever.” Shouting loudly. “Let’s get to work” with a smile on his face my father said.
Years to come Wheel Chair Basketball had become better than regular basketball in my opinion. My younger brother still makes jokes about me being in the wheel chair but I’m over it, I don’t get bothered anymore. My parent support me 100% and come to every game. Life is looking great for the future. Up until this point I had been introduce into all types of famous people, from actors to sports players all over the world. I have a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter named Nalianna Ann-Marie Walker. One of the greatest blessing ever to be placed into my life. God put me to the test and I passed, Life isn’t easy. That’s just the way it is. Anything you do in life will have an obstacle, never quit at what you love to do. I would’ve never thought my life would turn out like this, Saying out loud as I stare out of my bedroom window, “Thank you god, I made it.”