Health Information TechnologyHSC003 Healthcare Career PaperJeannette Dominique Miami Dade College Health information is a data related to someone’s medical history

Health Information TechnologyHSC003 Healthcare Career PaperJeannette Dominique
Miami Dade College
Health information is a data related to someone’s medical history, which includes procedures diagnoses and symptoms. These records include patient’s history and physical, radiology reports, clinical information (nursing notes etc.) and lab results (blood test, etc.). A patient’s health information can be viewed individually, to see how a patient’s health has changed, it can be viewed as a part of a bigger statistics set to understand how the population has changed, and how medical involvements can change the health outcome. Health Information Technology is used to collect and organize patients’ information data and record either paper files or electronic data (EHR). Ensuring patient forms, test results, and medical histories from health care professionals to be correct, organized, secured and available for use. They manage medical records that are submitted by patients, doctors and other health care professionals for medical diagnosis and treatment. HIT focuses more on technical side of managing health information, working with software and hardware to store patents data.

Job description
In all healthcare settings, patient medical records are used as the main basis for all care delivered. HIT responsibility is to keep all patient record confidential, because they contain sensitive details. Technicians are allow to contact or notify a nurse or physician to clarify the information given. With this, these documents must provide accurate and updated information from the patient’s admission until discharge and follow up care. Moreover they make these medical records accessible and retrievable to third party payers, administrators and even researchers. Often, they use codes to keep up with the developments in patient care and come up with plans to fill in gaps or eliminate redundancies. Some technicians typically work in office and some work from home. Health Information techs “Code of ethics” are obligated to determine actions that reflect values, ethical principles, and ethical gridlines. Regardless of their professional functions, the setting in which the work, or the populations they serve.

Education/ Registration/ Certification
There are many different directions in becoming a health information technician. It varies on the career goal, but most HIT careers require an associate, or certificate in some areas, or bachelor’s degree. Requirement needed is to graduate from high school or a GED. Complete a qualifying academic program in order to seek professional credentialing; credentialing through American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and or Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information management Education (CAHIIM). The program can take up to two years or even less to complete the program or six semesters depending on student. The institute that offers HIT program are Miami Dade College and Broward Community College with many others. The cost of education can vary depending on the institute. For example Miami Dade college tuition cost is 8,275.40, whereas Broward College tuition cost is 8,500.00. This degree can be earn as a Registered Health Information Technology or Registered Health Information Administration. The programs generally include coursework in basic medical terminology, pharmacology for allied health, ICD 10 diagnostic, health information management, HIM statistics, computer applications, medical insurance and reimbursement, disease and diagnosis coding, anatomy ; physiology, CPT coding, legal aspect of healthcare, and last but not least RHIT exam preparation.
In health information technology careers you can become a system analyst, consultant, software developer/ engineer, medical coder, HIM manager, cancer registrar, and many more. The employment outlook for health IT is very broad and fast growing occupation in the medical field. It is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupation. They intended to increase as population ages. To continue, job titles and salaries for health information professionals can vary depending on the work setting and experience. For instance, job level of an Executive / senior management average salary ranges from 163,000 to about 200,000 a year. Department head / manager average salary ranges from 104,000 to 133,000 a year. Now, a staff or associate staff in the HIM department average salary range from 69,000 to 87,000. As a result, the number of years of experience plays a major role to have the type of salary in this field. Less than 2 years of experience your average salary can be up to 63,000 yearly. 3-5 years average salary would be at 75,000. 6-15years ranges from 89,000-107,000 a years.
Conclusion.To sum it all, health care professionals like us play a lively role in refining the health outcomes, health experiences, and the quality of care patients receive. HIT is an important tool that is used to improve clinical practice and the health of every patient such as, implementing and the maintenance of EHRs, analytics and reporting, and patient data and data quality. Even though health information handles the technical aspect of managing patients’ information, they know what data is needed, where it’s stored, and how the data is used. Their work affects the tremendous quality of care. Also, as opportunity grows, HIT will become more involved in collaborating with other healthcare teams in different places around the world. For example it will help with new deployments in patient care, lower costs, and allow them to improve outcomes in the future. HIT also helps to support staff and clinicians across other healthcare settings, including inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient clinics, physician offices, and more.
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