How did Americans respond to the Louisiana Purchase

How did Americans respond to the Louisiana Purchase? On April 30th, 1803, The United States paid 15 million us dollars for the Louisiana purchase. The terms of this treaty were the U.S. had to grant citizenship to the residents of Louisiana, give commercial privileges to France as well as give France privileges at the Port of New Orleans.
Many Americans saw the benefits of the Louisiana purchase, and others saw the purchase as more of a burden then as a benefit. Many political parties swayed American persuasions in different ways. Jefferson debated whether as president he was even allowed to sign this treaty that expanded the territory of the United States.
While he eventually found the support from his advisors and the Constitution he needed, he still received criticism from himself and others calling him a hypocrite and basically saying the Purchase was a mistake. In the end however, Americans came to accept the new lands and began westward expansion and exploration.