“Human suffering has become a spectators sport”

“Human suffering has become a spectators sport” (Thom). The most difficult decision being had to make in this article was whether or not to walk away and take the perfect news photo. This is where moralities come into play in this case with the photographer Thom having to debate on whether or not to take the picture, knowing his limits keeping his humanity and not passing the boundaries of human compassion for one another (in this case for the grandfather of the deceased granddaughter). Although he is a photographer but at the end of the day he remembers he still is a human being.
In the article Thom had drove to the photographers “perfect news picture” but to a human’s worst scene. Thom was “driving to a scene I didn’t want to see” (Thom 47). This scene was of a tragic accident of the grandfather running over his own granddaughter. Thom explained the scene he came up across and mentioned that every photographer was basically being unsympathetic about the grandfather’s feelings and just taking photos of the scene then eventually walked away. Thom investigated more on the accident wanting to know more details