Humans, which are mammals as such, but as the species name, homo sapiens, suggests “intelligent mammals”, have one thing in common, they live on this planet Earth. Our “Common Earth”.
Earth, is the third planet closest to our Sun and is placed inside the Goldilocks Zone. The zone where life can thrive, biology can evolve and finally give birth to the intricate and highly sophisticated species that can be found in abundance anywhere you look on this planet. Earth, is the largest of the four terrestrial planets in our solar system. Its surface, comprises of seventy-one per cent water and twenty-nine percent of terrafirma. Therefore, it is reasonable to accept, that life appeared first in the oceans, affecting the atmosphere, which then lead to the proliferation of aerobic and anaerobic organisms.
Earth was such an important and inseparable part of our ancestors lives, that even the father of English literature and drama, William Shakespeare, had a heightened sense of ecological awareness. W.Shakespeare, reflects ideas and perceptions of ecological cognizance in his play ” A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”, whereby Titania allusions to drowning rains and killing ice . His words, seem to almost have a prophetical meaning, as the unusually volatile weather of his era (caused by Earth’s hemispheric cooling), seems to be repeating itself now, but for different reasons.
Our totally and utterly thoughtless emission of greenhouse gasses, is the main contributing factor to the ecological self-destruction of planet Earth, which we are witnessing, in the modern age. The greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide), condense in the atmosphere, prohibiting the heat from leaving Earth and simultaneously emitting radiant energy, within the thermal infrared range, leading to a higher equilibrium temperature. Due to this, many of Earth’s organisms are facing the threat of extinction. Even the ancient Greeks, would have reprimanded this reckless behavior. Citing Homer and Plato the ancient Greek philosophers, Brian Coman concludes, that there have always been individuals with concern and an interest in the wellbeing of “our environment.”
Albert Einstein once said “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. Though I’m not sure about the former.” Thus, due to our “stupidity”, selfishness and recklessness, we may one day be forced to abandon “this insane asylum of the universe “,as Einstein once described Earth.Subsequently, the late Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist, commanded international space agencies, to find a “second Earth immediately.” Furthermore, he predicts that within one hundred years, the temperature on this planet will become unbearable and unendurable forcing us to colonate an alien world. Nasa, has recently announced the discovery of Kepler-452b, (a rocky Earth-like planet, 50% larger than Earth, which is also 1.4 light-years away from us) in the constellation of Cygnus.
Humans, are the result of millions of years of biological evolution, terrestrial or extraterrestrial (according to whether you believe in the theory of Panspermia. The theory which describes how extremophiles, trapped in debris created by collisions, could have brought life to Earth).Moreover, undoubtably, the Late Heavy Bombardment,(also known as the Lunar Cataclysm, which occurred 3.8-4.1 billion years ago, when a disproportionately large sum of asteroids are theorized to have collided with the early terrestrial planets, of our solar system), if not having transported the seed of life itself , it definitely gave Earth the precious foundations, for life to develop. Incidentally, ancient Egyptians worshipped deitys such as Ra, Amun or Isis, to which they credited the creation of Earth.
Earth is not just common to humans, as many ignorant and mislead people believe. It is common to all life forms on this planet, both microbiological and macrobiological. Many evolutionary scientists believe that we all have a common ancestor. This is supported by the fact, that humans share sixty per cent of their DNA, with the banana.
Dear reader, William Shakespeare wrote “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” The “Duning-Kruger effect” is what the human species unfortunately suffer from. Which is a psychological selective perception, of illusionary superiority, mistakingly believing that their cognitive ability, is far superior to what it actually is.
You may wish to patronize me once again, sneer, scorn and disdain my “baboon” heritage, but we “baboons” never got anywhere near destroying “Our Common Earth!” Don’t forget, in ancient Egypt, we “baboons”, used to be closely associated with the God of wisdom, Thor. Something that your “superior” species, named humans, never accomplished. So, who are the “baboons” now?