I will begin by defining the meaning of the term Web Based Systems

I will begin by defining the meaning of the term Web Based Systems (WBS). It is a software environment accessible via Web browser, containing an integrated set of tools and functionalities. A web-based system provides access to a software system using a computer and internet connection.

The use of internet connection and the computers in web based system at time is prone to challenges for various organizations as they are always under cyber-attacks for source of information and other vital data. For this reason, monitoring advisor should always ensure proper security of this vital information and their security. The main reason for Web Based Information system is therefore, to enhance the security of the data which may be lost through the attacks by the external individuals in the cybercrime space, or through the un expected disc crush, or through computer virus such as ransomware, spyware, adware, trojan horses, keyloggers among many other virus which can interfere with data security in an organization.
The organizations and monitoring advisors who uses the Web Based Systems are therefore providing extensive data backup for the vital company information. This in many instances result into saving the organization’s (the company) resources which might get loss.

Web Based Systems can be used by multiple/many users at the same time. It’s not necessary to share screen or send a screenshot when multiple users see and even edit the same document at the same time. This has helped many organizations and even companies to grow faster. For example; the use of web based system in the field of aviation has helped clients to communicate easily during air ticketing and booking though through regulations which are ideally for the security purposes. At times a monitoring advisor might be away from the office and there is an issue or even s/he wants to have a meeting or a conference with his staff, through the use of web based system, s/he can hold that conference wherever s/he is with the staff if he is on a network coverage location. Therefore, the easiest way a project officer can use to always be on the look of his activity wherever he is.

Web-based systems are cost effective. First, users can interact and easily respond to information sent to them by the management in web based systems like email programs, Gmail or even Hotmail. It is therefore help the users to receive the full befits of email without installing the applications into their devices.
As a monitoring advisor, apart from sending the email to the employees, web based system is also capable of allowing the user to send bulk text messages to the employees at the same time. This normally reduces the cost of sending text messages one by one to the employees and it also save time. In other words, users can access the systems via uniform environment.
Web based systems can also help the monitoring advisor to do the transaction of cash to the employees without necessarily going to the bank, and through the use of the ATM the clients can also easily interact with the we based banking system without having installed the local client software. Comparing the cost of maintenance, web based system maintenance tends to be cheaper in maintenance than the traditional maintenance of the PC. Once the main host serve has been upgraded, all users can access their systems immediately. This can help the monitoring advisor to save the organization finances in the maintenance of the systems.

With the use of web based system, monitoring and control is enhanced since it will be easier to share data between different computers. Web based systems in monitoring ensures greater level of data shearing between applications compared to the traditional method of isolated desktop systems.
Web based systems also give the direct access to the latest information posted by the administration, organization or the company whenever they are and located. The web based systems keeps the employees up-to-date with the relevant information and therefore they don’t have to miss the vital information they may be in need of or maybe the information the administration may want them to know. Web based systems, is therefore important for the monitoring advisor in monitoring and control as it can help him/her in disseminating the latest information to the employees.