in near-future Oceania

in near-future Oceania. In The city of London, in the country called Airstrip One. The country of Oceania is in a constant state of war. The living conditions are poor. There is no privacy anywhere, as there is a telescreen in almost every room.

Winston Smith – He is very average. He’s 39 years old. His job is being the record editor in the Records Department at the Ministry of Truth. This means his job is to rewrite history. He is meant to be super average, so that way he’s super relatable. He is living in the future and sadly it’s not all that great. He is an Outer Party Member. He changes newspapers that are not in line with the current vision of the truth. He then burns the old papers, so they would never be seen. Winston is resentful of the oppression of everything. He then starts writing down what he learns from the newspapers. With his first encounter with O’Brien, he dreams of freedom and independence. Winston becomes paranoid that the party will catch him and punish him. In the end he takes unnecessary risks that get him caught by the thought police. O’brien ends up betraying Winston at the end. So you think because he’s the main character he makes it out right? Wrong. Orwell comes back to mess everything up. Winston gets himself captured and tortured. In the end he gets himself brainwashed. He betrays Julia while being tortured and comes out feeling nothing but love for big brother. The Winston we knew is dead and gone.