The text for the skills related task is a newspaper article about Airbnb rentals in Barcelona. This is a very topical issue in Barcelona and would provide a very good base for a lesson with Upper Intermediate students. However, this article may not be suitable for students in other countries where Airbnb is not popular or there is a limited supply of apartment rentals in their city. The length of the text may be a bit long and I would consider cutting it back depending on the time available for the class.


I would show pictures on a screen (see appendix); one a three star hotel and the second an apartment building. The pictures would also include photos of the room and amenities so students have a good appreciation for each. I would then ask the students if they were on holiday for a week where they would prefer to stay and why. The rationale is it would generate interest and allow students to share their background knowledge and bring a collection of ‘abstracted residual’ **that has been formed from their experiences.

Pre-teaching is the teaching of the language learners need before an activity. **
There are a number of words and phrases that may be challenging for the students, so there would need to be a vocabulary section included in the lesson, before the reading. While students may still get the basics of the article, it is important to understand certain key words in order to appreciate the full article. Some of these words and phrases are crackdown, massive upsurge, dominant platform and eye of the storm. I would teach these words through the use of photos, and also use other words and uses in sentences as described in the appendix.

Comprehension Task- Gist:

Per the Cambridge dictionary**, gist means the most important pieces of information about something or general information without details. Gist is the overall meaning, the core idea, of a spoken or written discourse. Reading for gist is also known as skimming or to skim an article.

The rationale for reading for gist is to focus on the important areas of a text or to read quickly to get the main theme of the article. This reading method would be very useful outside of the classroom as it would teach student to save time when reading and to focus on the important aspects of an article and then decide if they want to spend more time reading it.

In the classroom, I would ask students to read the article quickly and give them 3 minutes to complete. I would then have a few questions designed that they would need to answer to determine their level of gist understanding. This is detailed in the appendix.

Comprehension Task- Detailed Understanding:

Productive Skills Task- Speaking: