Introduction The article was named “Social marketing at the right place and right time with new media” by Jay

The article was named “Social marketing at the right place and right time with new media” by Jay, Darren and Amanda, published in 2012 in Journal of Social Marketing.
The aims of this article are to seek to discuss how the new media revolution can improve social marketing by bringing the “Place” (one of the 4p) closer to the consumer. The key word of this article can be seen as social marketing, new media, mobile, 4p’s. The case examples help to explain how the new media tools can influence the social marketing. From the practical implications the authors have some findings, first is the new media are more effective for marketing, the second is the location-based tracking is not limited to the new media.

Summary of the article
The initial understanding of social marketing can be referring to the social change (condoms, pills, oral rehydration solution) to a broader conception of its potential areas of application (Andreasen, 2002). Social marketing is different from the social media marketing, social marketing focus on to change the people’s behavior or attitude to achieve some certain goal, the social media marketing can be understanding as a kind of social tools, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Social marketing has some criteria, first is apply the commercial marketing technology, second is it has the bottom line which will influence people behavior, the last is seeking the benefit for individuals/families and not only focus one organization itself (Andreasen, 1994).

As the technology develops, the social marketing is not only defined by geographic location, it can be anywhere and make the decision by the consumer at any time. There is one example from the article shows that the traditional way of social marketing is most rely on the place through the physical location to reach the consumers, for example, the condom was placed in the vending machines in the public restrooms in order to remind people to have a safer sex or placing the nutrition signs at the retail store to help consumer to choose healthier food.

There are many electronic communication channels from the new media perspective, for example, web pages, blogs, forum, online chatting service. The mobile phone plays an important role as the carrier for the new media., because of a large number of mobile phone users. Later on, the concept of social marketing 2.0 come out, defined as “the systematic application of interactive marketing principles and techniques that harness audience participation to deliver value and achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good” Kotler and Lee (2008 after Bernhardt, Mays & Hall, 2012).
The social marketing can be broadcast to large numbers by the new media, with the cooperation of the new media, it can be reached to consumer more deeply and without the strict limitation of the place and time.

The place for consumer marketing is the important element, the success example from Whole Foods Market shows that how they use the new social media to connect with the customer and do the promoting emphasis on place. They use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers and poster the event on the web pages and Apps. The second example shows the leveraging place for social change, young people in Egypt use the social media to communicate with the world about Egypt’s political turmoil. The third examples are about the approaches for public health, there was one project called Masilulkeke, the aims is to use the mobile phone to text messaging to deliver the message for testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The result was very impressed, there are more than 1 million calls back to counseling about this project, this project represents the partnership between the social change agents and wireless service provider, the new media marketing as the tool.

As conclude for this article, the authors were finding that the online social media and mobile phone can give the new ways of social marketing and also can learn from the changing of social media to engage to consumer more deeply in order to close to the right place and right time.