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je ne suis pas present dans ta vie; fortuitement passe ton Chemin; the seed is the miracle of live. THE BETTER WAY TO increase the productivity without increase the land size. today fertilizers are not balanced. they lake micro-nutrients such as. every thing can stop but not Agriculture. the west africa Centre for crop improvement is training Seed scientis in Africa for Africa. some seed challenges in Africa is the farmers are not aware of the improved seeds. the retailers or Agroimput dealer are not in the same area to the farmers, the high price of the improved seed, the bad storage facilities of the seeds, the lake of germplasm for the variety production, some varieties are not adaptable for some. the hybrid seed is the product of the crossing between two inbreed line. xe have two kind of e-Agriculture Promising Practice aWhere’s agronomic and
weather-based tips for smallholder farmers