Lizeth Rodriguez Hotard 01/20/18 Rough Draft In ”Eleven” by sandra Cisneros

Lizeth Rodriguez
Rough Draft
In ”Eleven” by sandra Cisneros, the main character Rachel proves to be timid and sensitive through her actions and responses. Cisneros uses literary devices to illustrate Rachel’s personality in the short story ”Eleven”. Rachel has expressive thoughts of a mature child such as a birthday just being another day and childish analogies such as wishing to be one-hundred two that interfere with her response towards a certain situation. Rachel insists that, ” I’m eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one…”. The author uses repetition to stress that rachel is eleven but holds features of younger years.
To begin with, Rachel’s characteristics can be identified through her interactions with other characters. Rachel is too apprehensive to speak up for herself, to older figures such as Mrs.Price. When she is encountered with the red jacket situation the only thing she can say is,”That’s not, I dont, you’re not mine.”. Instead of answering like a mature eleven year old she answers in a low voice as if she was four years old. Her interaction of not being able to open up her thoughts and feelings towards others and being shy is a case in point that she has a shy and timid personality.
In addition, to her personality Sandra Cisneros uses imagery, repetition, and similes to illustrate Rachel’s personality. Sandra’s use of imagery helps you picture the adolescence of an eleven year old girl. ” My face was all hot and spit was coming out of my mouth because I can’t stop making the little animal voices coming out of my mouth…”. The author makes it easy to picture Rachel becoming more and more agitated and mad. It develops Rachel’s character as immature because of her frustration of a red sweater sitting on her desk.
In addition, Sandra Cisneros uses repetition to emphasize rachels frustration and struggle to hold back her younger ages. ” Not mine,not mine, not mine” .the repetition of this phrase come to show a response of a three year old and not of an eleven year old.
Furthermore, into the methods used by Cisneros the use of similes completes the idea that she has brilliant concepts of viewing things but a hard time explaining them with the correct words. ” Because the way you grow old is kind of like an onion oe like the rings inside a tree trunk…”. Rachel explains how you can be three , ten, and eleven years old at the same time by comparing it too rings inside a tree. The author uses similes to explain rachels thoughts and feelings. Rachel expresses herself by comparing it to things, because she doesn’t have a big vocabulary.
In conclusion, Sandra Cisneros uses changes in points of view in order to show the reader Rachel’s perspective of a situation. Rachel is provided with a conflict causing her to think about what it means to be elleven . She deals with insecurity, embarrassment, immaturity, and defeat all on her eleventh birthday.