Many researchers have indicated that in order to improve student achievement

Many researchers have indicated that in order to improve student achievement, schools must have a high quality teacher in every classroom. Due to circumstances in rural districts and schools there are unique challenges in recruiting or maintaining qualified teachers. Due to geographic isolation and small populations of many rural schools, it affects their access to resources, such as being able to offer teacher support programs and competitive salaries. According to Webb & Norton (66), in urban and rural areas “hard to staff schools face challenges over and above those faced by other schools in attempting to recruit the teachers they need”. A school’s operational format plays a key role in a teacher’s job satisfaction level. For example, teachers in urban and rural areas typically have extremely poor facilities, larger class sizes and less access to textbooks and supplies. With this in mind, these concerns might cause teacher attrition in urban areas as well as they play a significant role in their inability to attract and recruit new teachers. When teachers know that their working conditions are not up to par, they are more likely to seek out jobs where better working conditions exist. As a result, when these teachers leave the urban districts for better jobs, conditions ultimately worsen and urban districts are forced to spend massive amounts of money to recruit and train new teachers to replace those that moved on. This in turn, takes away funding that could have been used to build and repair schools, purchase new textbooks and supplies, and reduce class size. It becomes a vicious cycle.