Math is a basic need for life

Math is a basic need for life, to make this work I will need to make your application stand out from the rest. First, I will brand the app with your logo and color scheme, doing this will help user know distinctly who’s app they are using. Getting your brand known is very hard in today’s world, only having a website for your math examples limits this brand. Creating an app, will help you establish to why your user should trust you, this is done by showing not by telling the users what your brand stands for. Producing and android app for your website will get your name out there. “Wall Street Journal has reported that Google Play had 70% more app downloads than Apple’s App Store in the first quarter of 2015 “(Sims,2015).
There is a big market for android applications, it is said that people have used google play more then apple. The leading market for phone applications are from the apple store and Google play, which research show both companies have over 25 billion downloads. There are many other advantages that come with producing an android application for your website. Some examples; Helps connect with better customers, will boost profits or in this case would boost knowledge, making this app can let users know that there is new information up on the site and lastly it would be easier for everyone of all ages to access the app. Not only does making the app benefit you but, inputting a couple of calculators that show how the work is done will help students or the average joe understand how to solve the problem.
Many people around the world use calculators, but this does not mean that a lot of them know how to solve the math problem. Adding a calculator that shows work essentially will help with step by step procedures. By doing so the user will be able to use these examples to solve the next problem. Knowing how to solve the problem is the key here, all the links that provide the detailed information on the app, will further their knowledge. It is said that doing math over and over helps the brain organize formulas or the ways on how to solve the problems. When your thoughts are well organized there will be a less chance of mistakes. This calculator will help people around the world in not making mistake on their math. While technology advances so do we, by designing an algorithm that helps solve math problem will make the future brighter for many users, the future is what we make it and with this technology it seems like anything is possible.
The next part of the design would be the kid’s playful calculator, we would have the same concept as the other calculator mentioned before. But for this calculator we could have a very vibrant color scheme that pulls the attention of kids. To keep the kid’s attention, we untimely could use pictures to show how the adding or subtracting is done. There also could be very helpful links to YouTube to further the learning process. “Before they start school, most children develop an understanding of addition and subtraction through everyday interactions” (Bowman et al., 2001, p. 76). Making this calculator interactive as much as possible will be the main goal for this side of the project. This project will help you gain more user traffic and in the end with this product we will be helping future generations grow. In my eyes, I think our generation helps guide future generations to success and with this application it is just a step toward that direction.