My misbehavior There are many ways a student can disrupt a teacher

My misbehavior

There are many ways a student can disrupt a teacher. Us students are stubborn and we need warnings and maybe even a consequence to make them listen. One way of disrespecting a teacher is to talk while she is teaching. Even when the teacher asks them to stop they ignore the teacher and keep talking. Ignoring the teacher first of all is disrespectful, and continuing to speak is even more disrespectful while it is distracting everyone else. Also the teacher is in charge so you should listen to him/her and stop. If my teacher tells me to stop talking more than three times i should that there is a problem. We should never ignore a teacher because they go to school to teacher and we disrespect her and waste her time instead of learning. Another reason why talking is disrespectful is because there are other students and we are not letting them focus by talking and making them laugh.

I’m sorry and I hope you can forgive me and my classmates for disrupting your class and I realize that it is really disrespectful to you. We will try not to laugh or talk in any class so we can have a good reputation instead of the troublemaker and annoying, rude, disrespectful brat. I’ll talk to my friends tomorrow and I hope you can forgive us. Even though I didn’t talk this time, this is for all the other times that I talked and misbehaved. When we talk a lot , it’s hard for a teacher to understand what the other students are talking about because we are so loud. Another reason I shouldn’t talk is because I don’t learn anything and that people get mad at me after class or not letting them pay attention to the teacher and they don’t know how to do the work. If I don’t talk and be quiet and pay attention to the teacher and I will learn something new and I will know how to do my homework and everyone will be happy with me and they will high five me and fist bump. I hope you forgive me and my friends Mrs. Aisha.