National Culture of Pakistan

National Culture of Pakistan:
Pakistan is Islamic state and its culture is based on Islamic laws and traditions. Pakistani people eat which is halal in Islam and their etiquettes are according to Islamic teachings. Normally male members are considered head of the house. Different ethnic groups are present in Pakistan like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtuns, Saraiki’s and others.
According to Hofstede model about the Pakistan
? 55% power distance.
? 14% individualism.
? 50% masculinity.
? 70% uncertainty avoidance.
? 50% long term orientation.
How social factors relate with National culture of Pakistan
Social factors are those which affect lifestyle of people. It includes religion, family and wealth. There are some social factors that affect National culture of Pakistan.
? Education:
Education is compulsory in Pakistan for children having age 5 to 15 years and literacy rate in Pakistan is good as it is 58 to 60 percent. Most of Pakistani people are educated people as they have both technical education and religious education. There are many Pakistani people having lot of skills. As Pakistani people are literate so they know about health precautions and know how to treat these conditions. Due to education, people know about Pakistani culture as well as global culture. Due to this globalization and education, Pakistani culture is affected badly as people are adopting global culture in large extend.
? Employment:
Unemployment rate in Pakistan is almost 6% which is above the normal unemployment rate. In Pakistani culture, agriculture is major earning work for majority of people. In our culture our main employment sector is our agriculture sector as many people in Pakistan do farming for their employment. As many Pakistani people are skilled so they do not have health hazards issues and in our culture working hard is considered as good and Pakistani people are hardworking.
? Migration:
As Pakistani culture is Islamic and in Islam migration is considered good so people go to urban cities in search of earnings and better lifestyle. Due to migration of rural people in urban areas, there exist problems in urban areas and rural areas face lack of labor. Due to migration, there is pressure of jobs in urban areas. As Pakistani economy is agricultural based there is continuous decrease of labor in rural areas and it affect our culture as farming is considered our National culture. Our forefathers did farming and now a days it is becoming lesser and lesser and It affects our national culture badly.

How legal factor relate with national culture of pakistan
Following legal factors effect national culture of Pakistan
1. Fraud law
2. Employment law
3. Import and export law
? Fraud law:
Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of crimes and sins which involve dishonest behaviour short its sum of cheating made for personal interest. Fraud always includes wrong and false statement, cheating etc .A person who is not what he or she pretends to be. A person who performs crimes. So it impact our national culture if that law will be apply on our culture so due to this people will note cheat to each other. Due to fear of this law they will not do any bad activity.
? Employment Law:-
Employment law also known as labour law. It indicate that how companies employees should be treated. Employment law does impact on national culture as we give our employees the environment accordingly. If someone is Muslim we give proper environment so that they should do it according to culture and Islam.
? Import and export law:-
It also impact on national culture .If in every country the product is imported or exported according to it’s culture as Pakistan is an Islamic country ,we use “Halal” and laws are also according to it. Whatever we export would be based on “Halal. So that , this also impacts on national culture
How political factor relate with national culture of Pakistan

A political factor is an effect that are related to government policy and administrative practices. In this there are further factors which are following as.
In 1973 constitution the President was the head of the state. The prime minister of Pakistan was advice to the president, can be removed on the grounds of physical on charges of violate the constitution or misconduct by a two third vote of the member of the parliament.
• President :-
A person who is a Muslim less than 45 years And well qualified to be elected as a member of national Assembly and contest the presidential election .A president is selected by a electoral college by the member of the senate and national assembly.
• Prime minister:-
It is appointed by the president as the member of the national assembly. The prime minister is assisted by the federal cabinet and council of minister whose members are appointed by the president.
Local government:-
In the back 2001, there are 26 divisions which are dividing into two parts Districts and tehsils that are directly from the provincial level. In 2001, under of the local government that can change the division into three layers, such as comprising districts ,tehsils and union councils. In the present there are two tiered by federal state .Yet the local government hold office to finalize its local plan and get the legislation approved by its provincial assembly. In Pakistan all most 113 districts include in tehsils and union councils.
Military are main part of the politics in Pakistan and having over civilian government on four occasions. Military started bye General Ayub Khan in 1960 than General Yahiya Khan in 1970 to 1980.General Zia ul haq from 1999 to 2008 after Zia ul haq General Pervez Musharraf. The military are protect the Pakistan economics interests.
Relationship between national culture and political factor:-

As we know the political factor there are factors which are decision in above. In the executive president and prime minister who hold the country. They can develop the law and rules which is not affected by the national culture. In the local government they following those laws and rules that admit by president and military are also very implement the Islam rules.
Part B
How National culture effect our public sector PIA
The national culture effect PIA. PIA is one of the public sector of Pakistan as social, legal and political factors affect our public sector PIA.
Social factors:
As we discussed social sector of education, employment and migration, we now discuss its effect on public sector PIA.
? Education sector has a great influence in our public sector PIA as people who have good education, they want to do job in PIA. Our new generations want to become pilots. Now it is our cultural habit to tell our children to become pilots. Educational sector makes our PIA department good as well as bad as educated people know more tricks to do corruption in safe manners.
? Migration is a social sector in PIA as people migrate from rural areas to urban areas to get job and better lifestyles and government jobs in PIA.
? Employment is a social sector in PIA as people get jobs in PIA in good wages and permanent jobs as PIA is a government sector.
Legal factor
We have already discussed three legal factor now we will apply that factor on PIA.

? Environmental law impact on PIA. PIA should to adapt that environment According to the national culture .As we know our culture is base on Islam. So PIA must to give that environment so that passengers can easily survive and will be comfortable.
? Import and export affect on PIA. We export a lot of products from one country to another country . Pia have to made a law that only legal products should be import or export.
? Fraud law also impact on PIA. If May illegal product is export or import from one country to another country that will be affect on PIA. So they should to make a rule or law that only legal products should to be import or export.
Political Factor
I can choose PIA as public sector. Because in feb 5 2006 we can faced the problem, protest by PIA employees against the proposed privatization seems to be turning into a political crisis and started affecting the working of parliament. Political factor affect the PIA because anyone can came and change the rules and laws.