Nick Pippo College Athlete Essay In the past years

Nick Pippo
College Athlete Essay

In the past years, there has been a major controversy whether or not college athletes should be compensated for their hard work and dedication. I think college athletes shouldn’t be paid for many reasons. I think they shouldn’t be paid because they are being compensated in other ways. There is too much hypocrisy with the school. Also the school generates many expenses over revenues.
Being able to play in the N.C.A.A. is a great accomplishment and is a great feeling but being paid to play in college is not right because you are getting compensated in many other ways besides being paid to play. “Most people would salivate at the opportunity to attend one of our nation’s prestigious universities, and then to get in and have it cost you nothing. They house you, feed you, clothe you, educate you and give you a living stipend, and you get to travel the world” (Walton 677). Not only does the university let you play for basically nothing, they also give you everything else for nothing. Being able to play a college sport and get to attend the university with little to no cost room and board and books and food, they don’t really have to compensate you in any other way because they are giving you everything you need. Most of these scholarships give the students the great opportunity to learn how to think and gain some quality life lessons. Some of these lessons include how to rebound from failure and humility. “Paying the players more than what they are already receiving for their scholarships is a bad idea- how would it be managed? Would everyone negotiate their own separate deal?” ( Walton 678). If everyone who played a college sport had to negotiate their own deals it will be complete mayhem because each athlete will make problems with the NCAA due to other players getting more money than other players. Not only does giving a scholarship give reason to not compensate the players but, the hypocrisy with the school’s also gives reason why they shouldn’t be compensated.
The hypocrisy between the school’s and the players is a major issue. Being a player and putting in all this hard work just to get nothing out of it is wondersome. “The person who most needs the money, is prohibited from reaping a dime, even though he is the one who puts in 40 hours a week working at being a college football player. Not a dime for him and all of it for the school’s athletic department” (Wilbon 679). If a player is putting in hard work and dedication but can’t make a single dollar off of anything the school sells then why does the player work hard? It’s because the PLayer is working hard to help his team try their best to be the best. Being compensated isn’t their worry because they want an education more. “The Big Ten’s addition of Nebraska was done solely so that Nebraska and the Big Ten will make more money, largely through the Big Ten Network. But if a kid playing for Nebraska accepts $100 to fill his jalopy with gas and take his girl to dinner, the NCAA will take him down” (Wilbon 680). Being not able to accept $100 and fill your car is ridiculous. If the NCAA comes after you for accepting $100 then it isn’t right. Hours spent on the field working hard and putting in all their time and effort and don’t get rewarded one time isn’t fair. But, this doesn’t really matter to them because they realize they are getting free education and free room and mostly everything else. Being a college athlete and not being paid is another side to the argument due to the players creating large amounts of money for the schools.
While most think that paying college athletes isn’t the right way to go, others will strongly agree on the fact that college athletes in fact, should be paid for playing a college sport due to the fact of them making a lot of money for the school. “Players, or at least the vast majority of them, received scholarships covering room, board, books and tuition. With that Emmert says, they ‘benefit from the best coaching staff, best facilities, the best trainers, best education that anyone can ever get in the world'” (Weiberg 682). Most universities, generate some revenue to help support that effort. Today, many college athletic programs aren’t piling up money so it can be hard to pay athletes but they still deserve some revenue for all their work and dedication. “Schools and marketers can profit; the performers who give them their cachet can’t” (Weiberg 682). If you multiply this by millions, the game revenue can increase extremely which can produce some extra money for the players. Many of the athletes that aren’t revenue producing can get their athlete payments from creating smaller scholarships so that the money they don’t give them is given to them in cash or check form.
The big argument whether or not student college athletes should or shouldn’t be paid is a big controversy and many people can fall on the fence about it due to the fact of being given a full scholarship too these fantastic universities, the amount of hypocrisy with the schools. Few others think athletes should be paid due to the amount of money the athletes produce for the school. Many non revenue sport athletes can get compensated by giving them less of a scholarship but giving them the extra part of the scholarship with the remaining money.