Nothing beats experience as the perfect learning tool

Nothing beats experience as the perfect learning tool. This On-the-Job Training serve as my stepping stone pursue my dreams to be a Certified License Agriculturist someday. This training gives me an inspiration to be more serious and focused in studying. I was encouraged to do more efforts in my studies.
Despite the short period of my training, it was the meaningful one. The training enriched my confidence created a foundation of being good employee someday. It causes a huge effect to me as a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management student. I was really renewed. I learned to be a diplomatic in both actions and words.
This training made me realize that it is really good to know what you’re doing and to love it. As a student, what I can do for now is to learn whenever I can, be inspired, love the path I am taking, and do what everything I can do with a positive outlook in mind.
It is also warm to the heart to know what you have accomplish something and even warmer when there are people who are so proud of what you have done and I felt amazing. I am inspired to be more determined and competitive in everything that I do in my daily life as a student today and as a professional someday.
My On-job training is very helpful and it will be more helpful to my journey as a fourth year student in the field of Agriculture. It really gave me a taste of a real world- a glimpse of what lies ahead after I graduate.