OUTLINE Thesis statement

Thesis statement :
e-books are better than text books in three ways : fast and efficient , healthier environment and key to saving money.
• To begin with, first advantage is that e-books are fast and efficient.
A .Read e-books anytime
1. stored on phone.
2. can read e-books in car , playground ,washroom etc.
B. No weight of e-books.
1. thin structure and light weight
2. no heavy bag packs .
C. downloaded on the phone or computer
1. no need to shuffle pages
2. can’t lost them
3. bookmark the important pages
• Another advantage of e-books is that they help in making environment healthier and greener.
A . No pollution of e-books.
1. greenhouse gases released by printing press industries
2. e-books can reduce the global warming.
B . Save more trees.
1. Can save at least one third of paper.
2. e-books can reduce deforestation.
3. no need to recycle paper when using e-books.

• As well as , we can save our money on e-books and enjoy the delight of reading .
A . E-books are very cheap.
1.no printing fees.
2. save money on buying paper.
B .Free e-books are available online.
1. can download them for free in one tap .
2. amazon kindle has many free books available online for readers.