Philippines is known as one of the countries which encompassencompasses Filipino citizens who have laudable attributes such as being intelligent

Philippines is known as one of the countries which encompassencompasses Filipino citizens who have laudable attributes such as being intelligent, patient, industrious, diligent and determined when it comes to educational and economic aspects to achieve a certain success which is evident nowadays. Despite from the fact that Philippines belongs in the third world country, it motivates Filipinos through providing efficacious policy for economy and attracting foreign investors to create businesses in the Philippines for the intention to be not left behind by other countries and to attain sustainable development. These factors which contribute for the society at large need a strategic technique in production, marketing, finance, operation, and most importantly in apprenticing in order to run their organization smoothly. Consequently, different institutions and companies built standards or qualities of an employees that he/she must attain and whoever meets it will receive a great opportunity in terms of salary, promotion and benefits.
This concept convinced the students to aim about elevating their educational attainment through studying in college. However, some are incapable of pursuing their tertiary degree due to poverty. Thus, it creates social problems such as consistent unemployment that is almost twice the level of neighboring countries. Furthermore, The Philippines was the third country in the world having 10-year basic education and pre-university programs which joined by Djibouti and Angola both from Africa which resulted to be less competitive domestically and internationally.
In this matter, The Former president Benigno Simoun Aquino III had implemented K to 12 program in year 2015. As stated in Republic Act. No. 10533 also known as “Enhanced Basic Education Act. of 2013”, a way of effective enhancement of basic education curriculum to terminate the existing problems of low opportunity globally of some professionals and regular Filipino workers for the past years.
e year 2017 and 800,000 Senior High School students are expected to graduate this 2018, there is a great number of possible applicants in the few more years. A survey conducted with the PBEd’s network revealed that only one out of five companies is ready to hire a K to 12 graduate. Meanwhile, three out of five are open to the idea. Some business companies are already accepting Senior High School graduates while others are still hesitant to hire SHS graduates because of insufficient training. Under Deped Order No. 30 (2017) said that work immersion of K to 12 ranged from 80 to 320 hours, unlike to 360 days of office job training which undergo by college students.
The concept of relation from educational attainment to job performance remained as the mindset of the employers that job performance will affect to the development of their company. Therefore, they come up to the idea for the discrimination on the educational attainment between senior high and college students graduate as the economic literature stresses the importance of schooling. Schooling serves as our training to mold our desirable practices and fields. It varies on the amount of improvement for the competency, depending on the years of schooling which will be used for the productivity of a company and the economy of the Philippines. According to Lepak and Snell (1999), individuals’ educational attainments are not only part of a company’s human capital but also of a community’s core assets.
One of the benefits that K to 12 students program had been imposing is that—Senior High School graduates are intellectually ready, fully developed and much skilled but as Salazar (2018) states the existing problem pertaining about what PSA revealed that 449,000 college graduates are still unemployed, hence, it pushes companies to give priority or high demand on college graduates rather than senior high school graduates, since most industries are still coping with fast paced educational attainment.
Due to complications caused by the problems as stated above, it results as a doubtful issue to the assurance in pursuing work of Senior high school students after graduation. Different people had already judged or shared their verdicts with regards to the satisfactory rate on the education attained by senior high students but people must give prior heed to the opinion of those individuals who were encountering this matter and that idea is worth of studying. This study aims to solely determine the perceptions of Grade 12 students to acquire a broad information with regards to this matter.