Philosophers agree that virtue is a form of knowledge

Philosophers agree that virtue is a form of knowledge. I think that this is what Aristotle means by a good life requires us to conform to virtue and some virtuous acts may include self sacrifice. This objective becomes problematic if good health or material wealth is necessary to be happy. Aristotle identified many that could not lead the good life. Women, slaves and the lower classes were unable to lead the good life since they could not make their own decisions. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher whose teaching mostly consisted of morality. These two are similar but different in a few ways. Confucius and Aristotle both sign the importance of a relationship with others According to Aristotle it’s hard to find a good friend when you’re not a good person because true friendship is dependent on individual morality. While Confucius believed in a relationship with others as a means of achieving enlightenment of one’s self. He believes that someone has to develop he has to develop others as well. They differ When it comes on to their views On how to develop virtues and Moral perfection. Aristotle uses that character is as a result of Mastery through an experience of doing something Confucius taught that the best way to acquire complete morality is by extensive studying and then comparing the teaching learned with current behavior. Confucius and Aristotle have different views on religion. Although philosophers do not show much about religion. Aristotle recognizes religion to be superior and divine knowledge. He talks about an “Unmoved Mover” which is the reason for all the motions and happenings in the world. The mover is thought to be God. Confucian believes in the worship of ancestors and his teachings. The need for living to care and to honor the dead. Their may be some differences between the two but the two philosophers emphasize on the importance of doing good and acquiring virtue and morals. Both Confucius and Aristotle impacted humanity greatly.