Sacarria StablerGriffin ENG 101-06 15 October 2018

Sacarria StablerGriffin
ENG 101-06
15 October 2018 (c)
How to Plan a Party
Everyone loves a great party. Whether it’s a surprise party, birthday party, or just a regular party for a special occasion. However, what makes a party memorable for the guests and the host is the planning. When planning such an event it takes time and dedication, like choosing the perfect date, time, venue, theme, menu, guest list, and entertainment.

The first steps into planning a party is choosing the date, time, and place. When first choosing a date make sure its fits in the birthday persons schedule or whomever it may be for. Most parties happen on the weekend, some during the week, but when planning a party everyone usually chooses the weekend because it’s mostly more convenient for everyone. When choosing a time I would usually say around the evening when the sun has went down. Once the date and time is checked off the list it is time to choose a venue. When choosing a venue try choosing some place that is big enough for everyone and comfortable because the venue is the most important part.

Next, is choosing a theme and deciding what’s going to be on the menu. When choosing a theme make sure its age appropriate and that it is neutral so that everyone will feel good about it. Once the theme is decided it’s time to go pick out decorations. When deciding on places to get decorations from there are tons like: Walmart, Dollar Tree, and my favorite Party City. After choosing a theme and deciding on the place to get the decorations from, it’s time to choose what’s going to be on the menu, which is the easiest part. Finger foods are the number one thing that everyone enjoys at a party, like finger sandwiches, meatballs, cheese and crackers, fruit, and chips and dip. Also, be sure to order a cake that matches the theme of the party.

Then, it’s time to start planning the guest list, when planning a guest list for someone else make sure that person is comfortable around each and every person that is going to be at the party.

choosing entertainment. DJ’s are a great part of any party, but make sure it is someone that plays the right kind of music and keeps everyone in a great mood throughout the night.

To sum up, planning a great party is very simple maybe sometimes a little stressful along the way. But it is very worth it, it just takes a lot of time and dedication into planning the perfect party.