Sam Jonz

Sam Jonz, Cole HemmenMr. Place
Theology 3
In studying the Old Testament Book of Micah, his main points can be related to things happening today, such as the migration crisis. Micah condemned those who were unjust to the lowly. Things like unjust business dealings, robbery, and a government that lives off the hard work of the people. Sounds pretty familiar, right? The same things that Micah warned the Chosen People against doing are still happening today. If Micah were alive today, he would be fuming at those who exploit others and make money off people who are at rock bottom, trying to make a new life in migrating.
The story of Micah is the narrative of the Prophet Micah’s prophetic ministry. He wanted to warn both parts of the Israelite kingdom of their inevitable destruction that will come if they don’t repent and change their wicked ways. This came as a shock to Israel, being that in every way, they were in decline. Economically, socially, and religiously. Micah tried to communicate to the people that God wouldn’t let them live in sin and disloyalty any longer. Micah spoke of war, famine, and the conquering of their nation if they kept it up. Judah did not follow through with this, and they got conquered. The leaders of Judah were partially at fault for this because they saw the signs but ignored them. After seeing this, the Israelites confessed their sins and repented, then God granted forgiveness to the people of Israel and their nation was spared.
The Book of Micah has a deeper, moral meaning to it. The book can be interpreted today to teach us a moral lesson. Put simply, the deeper and spiritual meaning is that if you sin and go against God, you can expect for bad things to happen to you. Now, will God send hellfire to destroy your city and smite you? Probably not, but if you follow God’s law good things will happen. The theme of justice is also sprinkled throughout the book, which still holds true to this day. This spiritual meaning also relates to the Book of Jonah. Jonah goes against God’s wishes to tell the Ninevites repent, then he got swallowed by a big fish. In addition, in the story of creation, Adam and Eve go against God and eat from the tree he specifically said not to eat from. As a result, they get kicked out of paradise.
Micah talked about the problems in his day but what would he say about or world problems today. Micah would probably hate all the issues in our world today more than the ones he had to deal with in his day. A common issue today is the detention of immigrants ,and how we treat people a certain way based off of where their from. We see this in the huge caravan heading to the American border as it makes it way through south america. All these people are marching to the border for a chance at a better life. Most if not all of these people will be turned away or detained by the American Government. If there are families they have no protection from being seperated or shipped back to their original countries some labeled with criminal chargers.

In studying the Old Testament Book of Micah, his main points can be related to things happening today, such as the migration crisis. The world is watching this migration knowing there is only one outcome, but I think Micah would have another outcome and another view point. I think deep down we all have a little Micah in us know we can solve problems in a way that benefits both sides or that unites us instead of dividing us. This is how we feel Micah would go about his teachings and opinions in today’s world.