Starbucks Coffee Company is a multinational and the largest coffeehouse in the world

Starbucks Coffee Company is a multinational and the largest coffeehouse in the world. It was founded by three founders they are Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegel. The first store of Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington on 30 March 1971. At present, Starbucks has more than 28,000 outlets in the world.
The main product of Starbucks is selling coffee, cakes, bread and provide self-service for customers. The coffee species are cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha, vanilla Frappuccino, green tea latte and so on. Starbucks has using the effective marketing strategies to increase their sales. They meet the consumer wants and needs through their website and internet. Thus, they can follow their consumer wants and needs then improve their products or service. The target market of the Starbucks is the person with upper income it is because Starbucks product more expensive when compare with others coffee outlets so their products not everyone can afford.
Starbucks company organization structure is using the matrix structure to manage the company. Matrix structure is a structure creates dual lines of authority and combine the functional and product departmentalization. Starbucks is a biggest coffee company so they need to have the functional departmentalization because it is putting the specialists together and the pooling and sharing of specialized resources across the products. Starbucks has many products for sell so they need product departmentalization it facilitates coordination also provides clear responsibility for all activities related to a product seem like one product has one department to manage their product production management.
Besides that, different places or country community have different styles they want thus Starbucks organization structure also involve geographic divisions it is because Starbucks is a internalization coffee company has three regional division for the global market such as Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa not only this Starbucks also has geographic division in the US market such as Western, Northwest, Southeast and Northeast. Starbucks hired senior vice president at each geographic division. Their job is adjusting strategies and policies to meet the different places specific market condition so Starbucks organization structure support for the geographic demand. Furthermore, in every outlets there have a team in an outlet. The team obligation is delivery the effective and efficient service and delicious products to the customer to make sure the customer satisfy with the service and product.

Types of Information Systems currently used in the Starbucks are Transaction Processing System, Supply Chain Management System, Decision Support System and Customer Relationship Management System.