The Crucible Explanatory Essay A mother

The Crucible Explanatory Essay

A mother, a wife, a friend: Abigail wanted to share a family with John Proctor. She was jealous of elizabeth. Elizabeth had one thing in the world that Abigail wanted. “Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be”. Abigail is being sarcastic to manipulate Proctor. In falling for her. Abigail is pretending to be angry at Elizabeth for being the cause of Proctors rejection toward her, we can see that the empowering emotion over her is jealousy toward their marriage.

Abigail resorts to name calling to cast doubt in Proctors mind and she attempts to compliment Proctors mind and she attempts to compliment Proctor to try and get a taste of everyday life as Elizabeth. The reputations of the people in Salem were shockingly important to them. Stereotypes were common, and the people tried their best to protect their prominence. To loclas. Abigail Williams was an innocent orphan and the niece of the reverend , other than this they did not think much of her. So when she went out of her way to accuse the respected people and it became public gossip about the truth of her affair. She was suddenly questioned. “(in a temper): My name is good in the village! I will not have it said my name is soiled! Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar!”. Arthur Miller used short sentences to show that Abigail is angry. This is a quote from act one, therefore it gives the reader an impression of Abigail’s character.

Miller wanted to show Abigail’s true personality and he was successful. Abigail is fuming at this point and concentrates all that irritation at Elizabeth from a orphanage it was obviously hard for her to compose a “good name” for herself. Abigails determination had driven her demand a better life for herself. She did not want all her accomplishments to be shattered by “Elizabeths lies”, so she tried to criticise her by calling her a “liar”. This challenges her character as the readers are perfectly aware of Abigail’s dishonesty, we all know she is the one who craves vengeance, and Elizabeth is the direct opposite. From the beginning of the play Abigail’s intentions were pretty clear. She obviously wanted to develop her relationship with Proctor and get his respect. ABigail was a young, naive and narrow minded maid who did anything to save herself, no matter who she disappointed along the way. Elizabeth was a totally different person. Elizabeth’s motivation came from the passion of raising her family. She wanted to regain the trust in her marriage to Proctor the benefit of her children. She was a lot older, wiser and devoted her life to religion. “I wake and walk about the house as though I’d find you coming through the door”. Miller gives a childish effect to the quote and makes Abigail sound horrible. This reminds us that she is only a teenager. The quote illustrates that her love towards Proctor is enduring and also demonstrates her repulsion towards Elizabeth.