The Death Penalty has continued to be a hot button issue and heavily discussed throughout the years

The Death Penalty has continued to be a hot button issue and heavily discussed throughout the years. It is often debated if the death penalty is acceptable and how effective the method actually is. Using the tactic of legally killing someone for their crimes were thought to not be favored by the public. However, there has been an increased acceptance of this practice as a way of punishment. This punishment has now taken the new narrative of being a severe punishment that deters criminals from committing these extreme crimes. I believe that the death penalty should continue to be used as a form of punishment because of its severity, and effective use of reducing extreme crimes.
The Death Penalty continues to be a serious issue because of the actions and results of following the penalty. Killing criminals because of the crimes they commit was a very controversial issue when first introduce. After more research and information was presented to the public, there was a starting shift of increased support for the method. The Death Penalty punishment is only used in the results of capitol offences which mainly apply to murder cases. However, because it mainly includes violent and deadly offenses, it seems as a viable result to these crimes. “I suggest that the death penalty becomes an unproblematic, indeed, preferred method and symbol of justice in this venue through a discursive process which reduces the underlying social issues to a battle between good (i.e. the innocent victims) and evil (i.e. capital
murderers).”(Lynch) The death penalty is the highest punishment that you can get after committing a crime. By using the death penalty, it provides a new level of fear into criminals that can prevent them from committing these serious crimes. Because of the severity of the punishment, it is often rare that it is used on a regular basis. Therefore, when the method is used, it also becomes an example to others that this can be used as punishment if you do commit the necessary crime. As a result, the number of death penalties being exercised remains low because of the reduction of criminals committing capital crimes. If we continue to use the death penalty, I believe that it will continue these low rates of extreme crime. The death penalty has continued to be a useful method that should continue to be exercised.
The Death Penalty was often viewed as a tactic that had controversial issues. People were concerned if using this practice was too extreme. However, with more information being provided, people have decided to become in favor of using this method. By using the death penalty as a punishment, it has effectively reduced the amount of capitol crimes being committed. The severity of the punishment has also become fearful to criminals because of their chances of being sentenced to the death penalty. Continuing to use this method would help to keep numbers low with capitol crime. Because of the positive impacts that the death penalty has, it should continue to be used as a method of punishment.