The speech is held by Michelle Obama

The speech is held by Michelle Obama, the First Lady at the time, at the DC high school as an educational event for sophomores. The main subject of her speech is education, a subject she and her husband have worked very hard on. After a short introduction thanking everyone involved, she speaks about the goal that her husband has set for America. That goal is for America to have the highest proportion of college graduates in 2020. She explains that a generation ago America was number one in college graduates but now they have fallen or “slipped” as she says to number 12. Then she talks about the individual, what is might mean for them and what they most do to succeed. She goes on to mention that by 2020 two-thirds of all jobs will require some form of education or training beyond a high school education. Michelle uses her own story to motivate the students because her story is filled with obstacles when she was at their age.
The sender of this speech is Michelle Obama, a very successful woman with a higher education and the First Lady. These qualities make her a very reliable source. The direct receiver of this speech are the sophomores at the DC High school. However, because of the world we live in the speech was recorded and uploaded on to the internet which means that everyone interested could be an indirect receiver of the message Michelle is trying to send. As for her message, Michelle Obama tries to motivate the sophomores to take charge of their lives and try their hardest to prove any doubters wrong. She wants them to focus on school and go above and beyond in order to achieve the grades and success they want. To convey that message, she uses her own experiences to level with the students and make them more interested in her message.
When looking at the appeal forms she uses. She is the First Lady which gives her a lot of ethos which make her points and opinions more reliable and convincing. In addition to her own ethos, her husband the President has even more ethos so when she talks on his behalf she “borrows” his ethos. Michelle Obama also uses the other appeal forms. She uses pathos when she says “we” in connection with the audience and the nation. In that way she appeals to the feelings of the community and that sense of patriotism towards their country. By saying “we” she also shows the audience that she is no different from them, which makes her story even more inspiring. She also uses pathos when saying: “you all are going to need some form of higher education in order to build the kind of lives that you want for yourselves, good careers, to be able to provide for your family.” By the quote above she appeals to the familial feelings of the individuals, while appealing to the egoistical feelings that everyone has of a prestigious and lucrative carrier. Logos she uses when stating that 2/3 of jobs while require some sort of higher education or training. For any rational human being, it makes sense that they have higher chances to get a job with a higher education.