The story of electricity was invented by alessandro Volta

The story of electricity was invented by alessandro Volta.Alessandro Volta was born at 1745 and had began to study electricity at 1769 .Until then he studied electricity until he’d been appointed as a director of the royal school of Como in the Southern of Sydney.

Electricity is a form of energy that includes protons and electrons. It powers many things, for example it powers light bulbs and computers. When it powers things, it accumulates every part of the object to power or charge it. Fun fact, if you want to power a battery that? dead, you just need to freeze it

The battery is the source of energy for a electrictricity powered substance eg. fan, without the battery the object would not turn on. Wires are ropes which connect to the battery which sends electricity through the wires to the object.

The battery powers the circuit to give energy to the power source. The circuits are essential if you don´t you can´t circuit have the light bulb the n no light for the day.Circuits are one of the most important thing in the power source it the electricity the most powerful component in the the whole source this why you need the circuits without the circuits the circuits