The topic of slavery as a whole can easily be agreed to be a tragic time in America’s history

The topic of slavery as a whole can easily be agreed to be a tragic time in America’s history. Whether we receive information about slavery from a male slave’s point of view or a female slave’s point of view, the hardships they experienced and suffered through were far more brutal than what most of everyone have ever dealt with in today’s society. That being said though, male and female slaves did deal with different conflicts; both still largely treated with disrespect but in different forms due to their stereotypical role in society in the era of slavery. Whether it’s the topic of rape, beatings, or harsh duties with harsh punishments, there are some considerably large differences between the expectation of male versus female slaves.
The female duties of any female during the time was slavery was widely focused on in-home responsibilities; this carried over into slavery as well. The in-home responsibilities of any female was along the lines of house work, child care, and keeping the man of the house pleased. As a slave, these obligations were altered. Harriet Jacobs, a slave of the Flint family, wrote “He told me I was his property; that I must be subject to his will in all things. My soul revolted against the mean tyranny…In either case, there is no shadow of law to protect her from insult, from violence, or even from death; all these are inflicted by fiends who bear the shape of men” (Jacobs 2). From her point of view, it’s easy to see that she was dehumanized and was considered property. Jacobs was forced to complete whatever task was asked of her because incompletion would result in a punishment worse than the task itself; she knew there was no way to revolt as well since laws were always for slavery rather than against it. In the expert written by Jacobs, she focuses on the male slave owner and what he forced onto her. Giving readers only that piece could propose the fact that the female slave owner didn’t try to consider Jacobs as property and that could simply be because some of the tasks asked of her were only things that could be done for a male, such as rape. Such a task could result in many personal issues within themselves that is very hard to recover from, especially when rape is done prematurely which was very common. Besides the fact, Jacobs desperately wanted to escape in order to find her children and save them from slavery. A mother has a very strong bondage with her children and it’s common for a mother to go through extremes in order to protect her children. This was one thing that wasn’t typically found in male slaves.
Slavery in a male’s stand point was very brutal and rather than a female’s stand point. It was extremely physically demanding along with harsh expectations; failure to reach these expectations followed with even worse punishments. The life of Frederick Douglass is a prime example of the suffrage of male slavery. Douglass was required to spend hours upon hours working in the fields with little food and sleep to run off of. At one point in Douglass’s life, he was sent to a man called Mr. Hopkins in order to straightened Douglass out since he needed to be taught a lesson. Douglass said, “Mr. Hopkins could always find some excuse for whipping a slave. It would astonish one, unaccustomed to a slaveholding life, to see with what a wonderful ease a slaveholder can find things, of which to make occasion to whip a slave” (Douglass 91). He previously explained that masters will whip a slave for minor inconveniences in order to scare them to commit anything larger. In a sense, it had worked but ultimately did not prevent Douglass form committed a more serious crime: unfortunately, it was often common for slaves to be given unrealistic tasks and fail at completing them. When discussing the topic of family, it’s easy to say that Douglass had a very loose connection with his family. His desire to see them was very small to the desire Jacobs had to see hers. A big part of that is the fact that Jacobs had children while Douglass’s mother was dead and only had his siblings and that mother’s have a large attachment to their children causing a women to almost have a larger desire to escape.
When on the topic of escaping, men and women slaves had different ways of approaching this. In an excerpt by Deborah Gray White she states, “she also had to consider how conspicuous a lone black women of a group of black women would be in a countryside infrequently traveled by such humanity. Some female fugitives overcame this impediment by disguising themselves as males” (White 1). White also explains that it’s more common of a female to learn her surrounds as well as basic human skills due to the fact that their duties were held inside around people while it was common for a male slave to be stuck outside doing physically demanding work; this made it easier for women to escape because they typically knew more social skills than men. Poison, on the other hand, was more so a common way for both male and female slaves to escape. The use of poison was risky though, few have been caught and we burned at stake. Others have been caught but were able to kill the slave owner before the slave owner could kill them. Overall, the desire for a female slave seemed to be larger than the desire for a male slave so that alone could make escaping harder for a female. Not only that, but once escaped it’s harder to stay hidden and away from more slavery since desire is so high.
Male slavery compared to female slavery was different in multiple ways. Men were stuck with the harsh duties and physical labor while women also had that but were often sexually abused as well. A lot of their treatment relies on their master and how they see men/women but there’s a common pattern between the behavioural treatment. Also, mentioned previously, due to their difference in treatment female slaves typically have a (somewhat) better education than a male allowing them to be able to complete different tasks. Overall, the treatment between a male and a female slave have many different layers of differences but are both all around awful experiences on both sides.