The two girls settled into their luxurious seats

The two girls settled into their luxurious seats. Ivy looked around at the compartment they had to themselves. An air hostess came around and opened the perfectly fitted door. She wore slick, black shoes and a suit, her glossy blonde hair tied back in a tight ponytail. Her deep, green eyes seemed like they were staring into the midst of our souls. ¨Good evening ladies, I am Amy Lark, and I will be your personal hostess. If there is anything you need at all, just ask. We can serve you towering, juicy burgers, plates of spaghetti, and if you´re more interested in the healthy side, we can mix up any salad of your choice. We serve anything! Anything at all.¨ Lily and Ivy exchanged shocked glances. ¨Wow!¨ Ivy uttered. ¨I