There are only two main parties in the United States from which people can choose from

There are only two main parties in the United States from which people can choose from. The two parties are known as the Democrats and the Republicans. Every where in the world there are political parties that are fighting to take control of government. The United States Democratic and Republican parties are constantly competing in elections to have control over our government. The Parties were separated into two factions by James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe whom were apart of the Federalists party. Both political organizations pursue what they believe is best for the people of America.
The Democrat party is probably one of the earliest political associations. The premise of this party is both liberal and even considered to be center-left. They tend to believe in the rights of each individual person which include privacy, life, equal opportunity, and many more. The roots of the party can be traced back to Andrew Jackson. The Democratic party is trying to close the gaps that separates the poorest and richest nations. They thought that the government needed to pursue an active part in the lives of their citizens. The logo for this political organization is a donkey, created by Thomas Nast, due to the opponents of Andrew Jackson which referred to him as “jackass”. Therefore, he used the donkey as his campaign logo.
The Republican party was established in the year 1854 by visionaries and anti-slavery activists. The party became distinctive when the first Republican was elected President, otherwise known as Abraham Lincoln. Those included in this party were people who wanted to abolish slavery, people who were against the growth of slavery to places that will not outlaw it, and abolitionists. They thought that the government should not interfere with the lives of their citizens at all. They also played a role in the all-inclusive equality for citizens, ending of slavery, and the suffrage of women. The logo for this political organization was an elephant that was also created by the cartoonist Thomas Nast.
The Democrats and Republicans have both many similarities and differences. They are mainly in domestic, social, economic, and international issues. The social ideas of the Democrats are built upon social and community authority while the Republicans is built on justice and the individual rights of people. Democrats are more progressive whereas the Republicans tend to be more conservative when it comes to certain issues such as health care, drug policy, social security and many others. Another thing that the parties disagree on is the topic of minimum wage. Republicans are against increasing it due to their opinion that it will harm the big businesses across the country. But the Democrats are for increasing it because they believe it will assist the working people. However, one of the most recently paramount issues between theses parties is the gun control laws. The Democrats opinion is that we should have gun control laws due to the recent number of shootings as a consequence of the people being able to carry weapons. However, the Republicans think that we need to have weapons in order to defend ourselves against, for example, a terrorist’s attack.
I would most likely have to identify myself as a Republican. Although I consider myself to be more of a Christian-conservative. I like to look at both opponent’s views before deciding to ensure that I am making a well-educated conclusion. As a Christian, I accept that our world will have different opinions when it comes to politics and other problems our nation faces but I think that the one thing the majority can unite around is Jesus Christ. I tend to not take things so literal so that’s why I have to make sure whatever I choose to do will be based upon critical thought.